Eli Manning, the NY Giants’ two-time Super bowl MVP, deserves a clues in the pro Football hall of reputation as quickly as he becomes eligible.

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Here’s a look at 10 factors why NY Giants legend Eli Manning belongs in the pro Football room of Fame

Reason #1: Eli Manning’s 117-117 career record is no indicative of his as whole performance:

Some will say that Eli Manning’s .500 document is “perfectly Eli.”

There is a multitude of factors why this statement is unfair. In spite of having a mediocre job regular-season record, Eli’s career to be anything but average.

Manning’s career playoff record should count in the final tally. Manning walk 8-4 in the playoffs, outplaying several of the best QBs and also teams of every time (we will acquire to that an ext later). His 2-0 Super bowl record should count for more too.

The Giants have had one to win season due to the fact that 2012 and did not surround Eli with almost enough talent during that time period. Indigenous 2012 come 2017, the NY Giants drafted David Wilson, Justin Pugh, OBJ, Ereck Flowers, Eli Apple, and Evan Engram in the first round.

Here’s a look in ~ 10 factors why NY Giants legend Eli Manning belonging in the agree Football hall of Fame

Reason #1: Eli Manning’s 117-117 career record is not indicative the his in its entirety performance:

Some will certainly say that Eli Manning’s .500 document is “perfectly Eli.”

There is a multitude of factors why this statement is unfair. In spite of having a mediocre job regular-season record, Eli’s career was anything but average.

Manning’s career playoff record need to count in the last tally. Manning went 8-4 in the playoffs, outplaying few of the greatest QBs and teams of all time (we will gain to that more later). His 2-0 Super bowl record must count for an ext too.

The Giants have had actually one win season due to the fact that 2012 and did not surround Eli with almost enough talent throughout that time period. Native 2012 to 2017, the NY Giants drafted David Wilson, Justin Pugh, OBJ, Ereck Flowers, Eli Apple, and Evan Engram in the first round.

Beckham turned out to it is in spectacular, yet every various other first-rounder underperformed through the NY Giants for different reasons.

During the latter fifty percent of Eli’s career, Manning to be cursed with some of the worst attack lines in football. Native 2013 to 2018, his offensive lines were ranked by PFF choose this:

2013: 28th

2014: 20th

2015: 20th

2016: 20th

2017: 26th

2018: 21st

The NY Giants’ top rushers throughout that time duration were Andre Brown, Andre Williams, Rashad Jennings, Rashad Jennings, and Orleans Darkwa. The only elite player on violation that Eli had actually at his disposal from 2013 come 2017 was Odell Beckham Jr.

With prime OBJ and tiny else, Manning was able to lead peak 10 offenses in 2014 and also 2015. Why didn’t Eli have winning records throughout those seasons? The defense to be atrocious. The defense ranked22nd in 2014 and 30th in 2015.

Finally, once Manning was surrounded by good enough talent (from 2005 to 2012), Eli’s document was 77-51. His offenses’ rankings throughout those seasons:

2005: 3rd2006: 11th2007: 14th2008: 3rd2009: 8th2010:7th2011: 9th2012: 6th

Manning shouldn’t be assumed of together a .500 quarterback.

Besides,Joe Namath (62-63-4) and Sonny Jurgenson(69-73-7) have worse regular-season documents than Eli, and also they room in the Hall. A .500 record should be looked in ~ much much more kindly as soon as you consider the talent Manning play with throughout the 2nd half the his career.


Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin of the NY Giants (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Reason #2: Eli Manning is one of the greatest postseason quarterbacks of all time:

There have been only three instances that a beginning QB beating three 13-win groups in a single postseason: Eli Manning (2011), Eli Manning (2007), and also Ben Roethlisberger (2005).

Manning’s 8-4 document playoff doesn’t call the totality story. Also Manning’s 15 touchdowns and 2 interceptions in the playoffs won’t repaint the entire picture. His playoff record consists of wins over Tom Brady (twice), Aaron Rodgers, Brett Favre, Tony Romo, Matt Ryan, Alex Smith, and also an all-time good 2011 san Fransisco defense. All of Manning’s playoff wins were on the road, except one.

Manning had the ability to take down some of the biggest quarterbacks and also coaches of every time, in ~ the peak of their powers. In 2008, that triumphed end the ultimate football Goliath when he win the 18-0 new England Patriots.

He outplayed the best quarterback of every time in the game. In the mental of hall of reputation voters, the Super key win need to count extra.

Another super Bowl victory that have to count extra need to be the one in 2012. Manning outplayed Brady for a 2nd time in that game, top top his method to winning his 2nd Super key MVP. Not only did Manning outplay Brady, but the NY Giants’ QB outclassed invoice Belichick for the 2nd time.

Belichick, the greatest defensive mastermind the game has ever seen, to be no complement for Eli in Super bowl 46.

Taking far Manning’s favourite target from the season, Victor Cruz, walk not affect the efficiency of Manning. Manning simply discovered Mario Manningham and also Hakeem Nicks, going 30 because that 40 for 296 yards despite any type of adjustments make by the previous NY Giants defensive coordinator.

Another Goliath defeated by Manning to be the 2011 Packers. 2011 NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers was an alleged to cruise with the playoffs that year. The 15-1 Packers team had arguably the best offense of every time. Through Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson, Donald Driver, Randall Cobb, James Jones, and Jermichael Finley recording passes, one elite offensive line, and also Pro key fullback john Kuhn, the Packers to be a juggernaut. Rodgers had plenty of weapons to pat with.

Aaron Rodgers to be no match for 2011 Eli Manning.

Manning sealed the deal prior to half-time when he threw a beautiful Hail Mary v no time left in the second quarter. Manning beat Rodgers in ~ his very own game.

The adhering to week that beat another team chock full of agree Bowlers, this time top top the protective side. The 2011 49ers had eight pro Bowlers on defense the season includinginside linebacker Patrick Willis,safety Dashon Goldson, cornerback Carlos Rogers, defensive tackle Justin Smith, linebacker NaVorro Bowman, linebacker Ahmad Brooks, defensive tackle beam McDonald, and also safety Donte Whitner.

Many will argue the this success over san Francisco was Manning’s greatest ever performance. He was sacked 6 times and also hit 20 times. That seemed prefer his shoulder pads were crooked or he was looking out of the ear feet of his helmet every other play.

Eli Manning win Brady (x2), Favre, Rodgers, Romo, and Matt Ryan in playoff games.

That gift said, ns think his ideal #Giants playoff video game was against the 49ers in the 2011 NFC Championship. Manning to be under press for 29 plays. The touchdown happen to Manningham was masterful. Pic.twitter.com/I9sEfJ8iXX

— Giants Alliance (
Including the performance vs. The 49ers in the 2011 NFC Championship, Manning has five game-winning cd driver in the playoffs on his resume. This ties him v Joe Montana for 3rd all-time. He only trails Tom Brady and also John Elway in playoff game-winning drives.

Manning has much more playoff wins 보다 Johnny Unitas, Steve Young, and Fran Tarkenton. His 67% playoff win percent beats Peyton Manning, i get it Staubach, Aaron Rodgers, and Jim Kelly. Additionally, in beating Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers in ~ Lambeau Field, Manning is responsible for two of the six playoff games the Packers have actually lost in green Bay.

In his final ever before playoffs in January 2017, Eli came out warm in an additional below-freezing game in environment-friendly Bay.

The level of an obstacle combined with one of the higher playoff winning percentages provides Manning a top-five playoff quarterback of every time.


Eli Manning #10 the the new York Giants (Photo through Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Reason #3: Eli Manning is one of 5 players in NFL background to success multiple Super bowl MVPs

Montana, Brady, Bradshaw, Starr, and also Eli Manning.

Those room the name of the only players to ever win multiple Super key MVPs. Those space names the NFL legends, every belonging in the hall of Fame.

Montana, Brady, Bradshaw, and also Starr each had multiple room of fame teammates help them win their supervisor Bowls. Eli had actually Hall the Famer Michael Strahan help him win Super key 42. He didn’t have any kind of Hall of reputation teammates assist him victory Super bowl 46. Just Eli was an underdog in each of his super Bowls.

Each the the 5 quarterbacks discussed are Super bowl heroes the stepped up on the biggest feasible stage (on many occasions). Each to be spectacular in their very own right, but Manning has the two many impressive Super key performances that the bunch.


Quarterback Eli Manning #10 of the brand-new York Giants (Photo by rob Carr/Getty Images)

Reason #4: Eli Manning’s Super key performances are among the best of all time

The 2007 Patriots quiet rank among the best teams ever. Pro Football Talk has actually them ranked together the 4th greatest team of all time. Bleacher Report ranking them third. Sports shown ranks them as the 8th greatest team ever and Pro football Talk has them 16th. They are unanimously taken into consideration the biggest team to never ever win a supervisor Bowl.

If the 18-0 Patriots finished the job and beat the NY Giants in Super key 42, castle would without doubt be an initial on everyone’s list. The team v the biggest quarterback and coach of every time would be the only team to ever go 19-0.

A 27-year-old Eli Manning’s late-game heroics, merged with part awesome defense, prevented the 2007 Patriots from achieving perfection.

Eli Manning had 5 "big-time throws" in Super key 42. Those 5 throws, 4 of which come in the fourth quarter, space the second-most big-time throw in super Bowl history (according to PFF.)

Here is every Eli Manning completion because that the #Giants in Superbowl 42: pic.twitter.com/QaDhjIpb3J

— Giants Alliance (
Manning’s SB XLII performance ranks 11th best among QBs by PFF. Manning was given credit for 5 “big-time throws“; the second-most ever in a supervisor Bowl. 4 of the 5 big-time throws took place in the 4th quarter; a 4 minutes 1 in i beg your pardon he completed all 3 of his pressured attempts. This consists of one attempt that gained stuck to David Tyree’s helmet.

Eli Manning’s Super key XLII performance was for this reason impressive since of the clutch factor and slaying football’s Goliath. His Super key XLVI performance was therefore impressive since it was close to gift perfect.

In defeating Brady and Belichick in the Super key rematch, Manning had four big-time throws, 296 yards, and a 75% completion percentage. In a fitting end to a masterful 2011 season and playoff run, Eli registered a 103.8 QB rating, as soon as again outdueling Tom Brady.

Eli Manning’s SB XLVI power ranks as the second-best ever before by PFF (Aaron Rodgers in Super key XLV ranking first). Eli had actually 14 happen attempts under pressure and also ended up with a perfect adjusted completion percentage, according to PFF.


Quarterback Eli Manning #10 that the brand-new York Giants (Photo by Al Pereira/New York Jets/Getty Images)

Reason #5: Eli Manning’s 2011 constant season and playoffs is among the best ever by any kind of quarterback in NFL history

Some will certainly argue the Eli Manning was never ‘elite’ or the ideal at his position for an entire season. This is simply not true.

Manning’s an unified 2011 continual season and playoffs deserve to stack increase with any type of of the great QB seasons in NFL history.

Eli Manning stop the record for many passing yards in a super Bowl-winning season (regular season + postseason combined):

1. Eli Manning(2011) – 6,152

2. Tom Brady (2020) – 5,694

3. Peyton Manning (2006) 5,431

4. Cut Warner (1999) – 5,416

5. Tom Brady (2018) – 5,308

Manning had anNFL record 1219 passing yards in the postseason. This is even more impressive once you consider the 2011 NY Giants had the32nd ranked operation game and 27th ranked defense. Eli carried the GMEN top top his back in 2011. That willed them come an NFC eastern title.

Many Eli Manning blaspheme will point to the reality that that doesn’t have an All-Pro on his resume. This has actually much much less to perform with his capacity and performance, and much more to do with the truth that he play in the exact same era together Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers, and also Drew Brees.

In Manning’s very first eleven seasons from 2004 come 2014, only four quarterbacks were named first-team All-Pros. Peyton Manning (six times), Tom Brady (twice), Aaron Rodgers (twice), and also Drew Brees (once). All four players are considered legendary quarterbacks. The four quarterbacks discussed are holding nearly every quarterback document that exists for the NFL.

Speaking the NFL records, Eli Manning set another one in 2011 when he had actually seven fourth-quarter comebacks and eight game-winning drives in 2011. His attack line pass blocking to be ranked dead critical in the NFL.

Manning likewise has the most big-time throws in a postseason because ’06 v 17. His 53 constant season big-time throw in 2011 were the most ever as well. At the finish of the magical 2011 run, Eli won his second Super bowl in four years. He won the super Bowl v a fully different set of receivers than his 2007 supervisor Bowl.

Eli Manning to be 30-40 because that 296 yards in Super bowl 46 with four big-time throws. He had actually 14 happen attempts under pressure and had a perfect readjusted completion portion on those throws.

Here is every Eli Manning (2nd half) completion for the #Giants in Super bowl XLVI: pic.twitter.com/0bvYZz6BtK

— Giants Alliance (
Any way you slice it, the 2011 version of Eli Manning is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.


Eli Manning #10 that the brand-new York Giants celebrate a touchdown pass versus the Buffalo receipt (Photo through Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Reason #6: Eli Manning has actually elite job statistics

Eli Manning is 8th all-time with 57,023 passing yards and also 9th all-time in happen touchdowns v 366. Once you incorporate his upper echelon all-time stats, his playoff and Super bowl performances, and his periods of being elite (like in 2011), Eli need to be a no-brainer hall of Fame choose in 2024.

Only seven QBs in NFL history have thrown for much more yards. Those quarterbacks encompass Hall that Famers Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, and also Dan Marino. Three of the other four QBs are HOF locks (Drew Brees, Tom Brady, and Ben Roethlisberger). I believe Phillip Rivers, also ahead of Eli in all-time yards, will make the Hall at some point too.

Manning threw for nearly 6,000 more yards and also 66 an ext touchdowns 보다 John Elway in the exact same amount the seasons. The NY Giants legend threw for more passing yards than 29 QBs the are currently Hall the Famers. That threw for more passing TDs 보다 30 QBs that are already in the hall of Fame.


Eli Manning #10 the the brand-new York Giants (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)

Reason #7: Eli Manning is among the NFL’s stole Men

Eli Manning made 210 continuous starts native November 21, 2004, to November 23, 2017. This is the third-longest streak by a quarterback in NFL history. Eli was truly an iron man.

Manning’s consecutive begin streak practically doubles the 2nd place NY Giants’ finisher (David Diehl do 120 consecutive starts native 2003 come 2010). Eli’s combination of dependability, longevity, and good play caused him owning practically every single far-ranging Giants’ happen record, including completions, yards, touchdowns and also wins.

Eli Manning never ever missed a game because of injury.The Giants’ Iron guy was sacked 411 time in his career, the 14th highest complete in NFL history. He to be hit a lot during his career (especially once Ereck flowers was his left tackle), however he constantly got back up.

Manning is just one of the toughest players to ever wear one NFL uniform. This statement might come as a surprised to those who didn’t monitor his career very closely or watched him do on Saturday Night Live. The same guy that is well-known for “the Manning Face” ~ above the sidelines was always the most rugged and also gritty guy on the field.

This was never an ext apparent than during the miracle 2007 Giants season.

The NY Giants opened up vs. The Dallas Cowboys (like they regularly do). The Cowboys’ Anthony Spencer threw Eli to the ground, jamming his shoulder come the turf.

Manning knew something to be wrong. He discovered out later that his shoulder was separated. In spite of the intense pain, Manning walk in top top the really next series and completed 4 consecutive passes, consisting of a touchdown. And despite the major injury, he play in the next game vs. The eco-friendly Bay Packers.

The NY Giants’ Iron guy never missed a start that season, top top his method to his an initial Super Bowl.


TAMPA, FLORIDA – SEPTEMBER 22: Quarterbacks Daniel Jones #8 and also Eli Manning #10 of the new York Giants fist bump throughout warmups before the game against the Tampa only Buccaneers at Raymond James stadium on September 22, 2019 in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images)

Reason #8: Eli Manning was a hall of reputation teammate:

Manning made everyone around him better.

That is the best thing you have the right to say around a quarterback the a football team. Manning won 2 Super Bowls with totally different sets of receivers. He gained the most out that the players about him.

Manning’s 4,895 regular-season completions went to 97 various receivers. Here are the height 10:

1. Odell Beckham Jr.- 3902. Hakeem Nicks-3133. Victor Cruz-3034. Plaxico Burress-2445. Steve Smith-2136. Amani Toomer-2107. Jeremy Shockey-2068. Sterling Shepard- 2069. Rueben Randle- 18610. Mario Manningham- 156

Manning played with some great receivers. The broad receivers top top the list above all play on various other teams (except Shepard), but all appreciated their best years with Eli Manning.

Manning was a tremendous teammate off the ar as well. David Carr, Eli’s backup for numerous years, ranked Manning as his best teammate ever.Eli never had actually a poor word come say around ANY the his teammates (even Ereck Flowers.) besides Tiki Barber in 2007, his teammates never had anything negative to say around him either. Tiki later on publically apologized for his notorious shots in ~ Manning.

Manning was also famous because that being an upstream locker room guy. He had Hall the Fame-level pranks.Lawrence Tynes, the Giants kicker native 2007 to 2012, learned this the hard way. Due to the fact that kickers frequently had fewer meetings to go to and left exercise early, Manning enlisted part teammates to park about Tynes’ vehicle to box him in after ~ a exercise in 2011.Countless teammates dropped victim to a Manning prank, and also he was constantly somehow able to it is in unsuspecting about it.

When the NY Giants unsuspectedly drafted Daniel Jones v the #6 pick in 2019, Eli took everything in stride, favor he always did. As a prideful Super bowl champion, Eli can have quickly made points uncomfortable because that Jones, yet Eli to be a incredible mentor and also teammate.

This was especially obvious when a video surfaced the Manning and Daniel Jones out on the city in Hoboken. Jones had just thrown 5 touchdown passes, and also Manning to be genuinely happy for the success the his successor.

The “Godfather of Pranks” preserved things loosened in the locker room and also got the finest out of his teammates. Analytics guys can not think it mattered, but football males will tell girlfriend it made every the difference.

Reason #9: Eli Manning is among the many clutch quarterbacks of every time

According come FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver, Eli Manning is there is no a doubt the most clutch postseason quarterback of every time.

The NY Giants to be underdogs in seven of Manning’s first eleven postseason games. Based on the data and also simulations from Silver, over there was only a 1% chance Manning could have winner 8 the the 11 playoff contests. There to be a .1% chance a replacement-level QB could have winner those games.

Manning had actually 27 fourth-quarter comebacks and 37 game-winning drives in the constant season. He also had four fourth quarter comebacks and 5 game-winning cd driver in the postseason. Eli Manning was always at his best when the press was the highest.

The play Manning will certainly be remembered because that the many is probably the “helmet record play” with David Tyree. The record was spectacular, however Manning’s ability to break a near-certain bag was simply as impressive.

Manning’s many clutch pat though came vs. Brand-new England 4 years later. Donate up late in the fourth, Manning do the best throw in NFL history to Mario Manningham.

After the play was made, everyone knew the game was over. There was no preventing Manning.

EliManning was one of the most experienced receptions in NFL history, indigenous both the challenge of the litter by Eli to Manningham's catch/stay in limit & set up win for #NYGiants #TogetherBlue pic.twitter.com/W3etUPAYML

— BigBlueVCR (

Reason #10: Eli Manning had actually to overcome large hurdles transparent his 15-year career

“Eli the Terrible”

“Whatever ‘It’ is, Eli is without it.”

Those were actual headlines about Eli Manning at an early stage in his career.

It is not basic playing in brand-new York. The media and fans mean a lot of from their franchise QB. New Yorkers aren’t exactly known for their patience. Asking Daniel Jones and also Sam Darnold.

New York is the toughest city in the civilization to beat in. Quarterback is the toughest place to beat in sports. Not just that, yet Manning played in the shadow of his larger brother, among the best quarterbacks in the history of the game. Peyton Manning, who was simply inducted come the hall of Fame, to be someone Manning to be constantly compared to throughout his whole football career.

Despite having actually the very same mother and the same former brand-new Orleans Saint as a father, Eli to be so different than his larger brother, Peyton.

Manning’s management style and quiet demeanor were often criticized early on on. The nationwide media bashed Manning beforehand for “forcing his way” to new York. Everything resolved for the best and Manning’s temperament to be perfect for new York City.

“From the very first moment, ns did it mine way. Ns couldn’t it is in someone various other than that I am. Undoubtedly, i would have actually made the fans, the media, also the prior office an ext comfortable if ns was a more ‘rah-rah guy’, yet that’s not me.”

Part of the factor Dave Gettleman take it Daniel Jones for this reason much higher in the 2019 draft 보다 expected, is Jones has actually a similar demeanor come Eli. Only specific people have the right to play quarterback in new York. Daniel Jones still needs to prove he might do it. Eli verified he might do it.

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Thankfully for NY Giants fans, Ernie Accorsi traction the cause on a huge trade because that Manning during the 2004 NFL Draft.