Medically the evaluation by Natalie Olsen, R.D., L.D., ACSM EP-C — written by danielle Dresden on march 22, 2018

Too much fiber in the diet can cause bloating, gas, and constipation. A person have the right to relieve this discomfort by enhancing their fluid intake, exercising, and also making dietary changes.

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These uncomfortable side impacts of excessive fiber can happen when someone eats an ext than 70 grams (g) the fiber a day. This is no uncommon, and also it might be an ext likely in a person adhering to a vegan, totality food, or raw diet.

In this article, we look at exactly how much fiber is also much and also how to tell when you have eaten it in excess. Plus, us look in ~ treatments, and the great sources that fiber to introduce into your diet.

Share on PinterestAlthough fiber is an essential part that a healthy and balanced diet, eat too much fiber may cause problems.
Fiber is the indigestible component of plants and carbohydrates. Foods items like lentils, vegetables, and also cereals space high in fiber.

In general, eating too lot fiber is a less common problem than eating as well little. Only an estimated 5 percent the Americans satisfy their daily recommended fiber intake.

The optimal lot of fiber varies based on an individual’s gender, age, and pregnancy status.

The Academy of Nutrition and also Dietetics introduce the complying with for dietary fiber intake:

25 g every day because that adult women38 g per day for adult menless fiber after aged 50 year old (21 g because that women, 30 g for men)more fiber when pregnant or lactating (at the very least 28 g every day)

A diet wealthy in fiber is important for keeping the digestive device healthy. The is likewise related to reduced blood pressure and also a diminished risk of love problems, diabetes, and also obesity.

However, eating much more than 70 g that fiber a job can cause uncomfortable side effects, and also some civilization may endure these after simply 40 g.

When eat foods, such together high-fiber nutrition bars and also fiber-added bread, eating 70 g of fiber in a day is not difficult.

A healthy and balanced diet the oatmeal for breakfast, a sandwich and also fruit or vegetables for lunch, and also a whole-grain dinner through lentils can conveniently reach the threshold.

Symptoms and side effects

The most common symptoms of eat too lot fiber are:

bloatinggasfeeling too fullstomach crampspoor absorb of some key nutrientsweight obtain or lossnauseaintestinal blockage in rare cases

Fiber makes bowel activities bigger and bulkier. It likewise promotes fermentation and gas formation. This is why excessive fiber intake commonly affects the digestive system.

Fiber is critical for healthy, heavy bowel movements. However, too lot of it can cause constipation.

A 2012 research tested the effects of transforming the fiber entry of 63 people who were suffering constipation, bloating, and also stomach pain.

In this study, people who reduced their fiber input had more frequent bowel movements, much less bloating, and also less abdominal muscle pain that those who did not readjust their fiber intake.

However, it must be detailed that for part people, specifically those being treated for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), increasing intake of diet fiber can be advantageous for constipation.

Too much fiber may additionally cause nutrient deficiencies, together it have the right to interfere through the body’s capacity to absorb vital nutrients. This unwanted an outcome is since the fiber binds through minerals, including calcium, magnesium, zinc, and also iron.

The symptom of eating too much fiber can be diminished by:

reducing fiber consumptionincreasing fluid consumptiongetting more exerciseavoiding food that increases bloating, such together chewing gum

A human with serious symptoms may pick to take on a low-fiber diet, which method eating 10 g that fiber a day until their symptoms can be far better managed. This diet is most regularly prescribed for individuals with major digestive conditions or ~ procedures.

According to the Food and also Nutrition plank of the institute of Medicine, a low-fiber diet can satisfy a person’s daily nutritional needs.

A low-fiber diet emphasizes:

bread and also grain assets with much less than 2 g the fiber per servingcanned or cook fruits and also vegetableswell-cooked meats

Hidden sources of fiber include products that save on computer the complying with ingredients:

inulin, a difficult to digest polysaccharidesoy hullsmaltodextringuar gumoat fiber

There room two an easy kinds the fiber, soluble and also insoluble. Back the human body cannot digest either of them, they room both crucial for a healthy and balanced diet.

Soluble fiber breaks under in the water uncovered in the cradle system and also forms a gel. The helps keep stools soft and also slows the digestive process.

Insoluble fiber does not failure at all, together it passes through the digestive system. It adds bulk to bowel movements and also helps to relocate food along.

Individuals can strive to with the recommended daily level of dietary fiber by eat a diet well-off in:

whole fruit, though fruit juice is low in fiber

vegetablesnuts and seedslegumeswhole grains

It is crucial to incorporate a variety of fiber-rich foodstuffs in the diet. This ensures the a human being will obtain a wide selection of nutrients in enhancement to fiber. It will certainly also assist them come eat a great balance the soluble and also insoluble fiber.

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Naturally arising fiber is usually simpler for the human body to manage than foods items made with added fiber. So, entirety grains and also fresh fruits are usually much more effective sources than high-fiber additionally or power bars.