Culturally, it is certainly gross to eat your boogers, however does science agree?

I expect you all remember the “dungeon troll” from Harry Potter and also the Sorcerer’s Stone, in whose sleep Harry’s magic wand acquired stuck! You most likely noticed the sticky, slimy environment-friendly ooze on Harry’s magic wand once he removed it native the troll’s nose.

That difficult stuff is mucus—more generally called boogers.

The vital function of mucus is to catch incoming contagious agents, pollen, and also dirt. There is no mucus, our lungs would get clogged with transmittable agents, dirt and pollen, which might lead come infection and also inflammation.

So, nose boogers might be advantageous in preventing infections, however what if we eat them? Let’s see…

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Forceful or obsessive nose-picking (rhinotillexomania) may be harmful and also may an outcome in the spread out of epidemic or a nose-bleed (Photo credit transaction : Margarita Ksenokratova/Shutterstock)

To prevent a person from nose-picking, the underlying cause of nose-picking have to be identified. Several of the reasons might include:

dry nasal passage: This can be tackled by raising the moisture content in the sleep passages and can be completed by drinking plenty the fluids, making use of a nasal spray and, flushing the sleep passage through warm and clean water. Top respiratory tract infection: This have the right to be treated v anti-inflammatory medications, consisting of antihistamines and also decongestants. Tension or anxiety: This can be rectified by the use of particular medications, through behavioral therapy, or by utilizing a stress round or hand-held game—something to save your finger busy.


Eating nose-boogers is taken into consideration gross, may contribute to infections, and may additionally damage the sleep passage in a serious way.

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There is a single claim the eating mucus might be helpful for building immunity versus some infections, yet it isn’t donate by peer-reviewed literature. In various other words, you’re more than likely safer not eating her boogers!