Next time an urge for a Girl reconnaissance cookie hits, you have to count your blessings that a sugary snack is the only thing you"re craving. Donna Lee"s persistent craving was far an ext unusual: infant powder.

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Every day for close to two decades, Lee would eat a handful (sometimes two) the Johnson & Johnson baby powder. “I kept a big container on stock,” stated the 52-year-old who stays in Queens, N.Y. After breakfast, Lee would reach for her baby powder, i beg your pardon she kept on she nightstand close to her bed. “I would certainly sit top top the side of my bed and also just eat it.

“It felt comforting when I go it,” she says. “I would certainly feel satisfied."

Lee struggled with pica, an eating disorder that"s marked by weird cravings for non-food items, such together dirt, metal or chalk. It"s lately been the topic of several episodes the TLC"s "My strange Addiction," which has featured human being who eat restroom paper, family cleaner, soap, the insides the couch cushions and even glass.

Pica is commonly diagnosed in infants and also children, defines Dr. Greg Chasson, one assistant professor that psychology at Towson university in Baltimore County, Md. It"s relatively common in small kids: in between 10 and 32 percent of youngsters ages 1 to 6 try to eat stuff the isn"t in reality food, follow to nationwide Institute of health and wellness statistics. Couple of studies exist that information the rate of pica in adults, however it is often seen in pregnancy; Chasson points out that pregnancy is a herbal time for the craving mechanism to kick into gear, therefore it’s no surprising the mechanism would go awry.

“We don’t really know what’s steering pica,” said Chasson. He claims that pica is sometimes resulted in by a nutritional deficiency, such as iron or calcium, but sometimes, pica can happen in adults who simply crave particular textures.

Though Lee has actually no recollection of craving baby powder prior to her 30s, an aunt told the she had actually showed indications of craving it as early on as infancy. “I would put my little hand out towards her palm as soon as she was putting the infant powder on,” stated Lee.

Chasson claimed that in countless cases, civilization with pica room ashamed by their behavior. The shame may keep part from seek professional aid – consisting of Lee, who kept quiet about her baby powder fixation.

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“I didn’t talk around it through anyone,” claimed Lee. “I absolutely didn’t tell mine doctor, or else he would have told me come stop.”

Consumption that non-food items have the right to be dangerous, and complications of pica encompass bowel obstructions, bowel perforations and cutting the the intestines. The first line of therapy for pica is to ascendancy out any kind of nutritional deficiencies, Chasson says. If the patient no seem to have actually a nutritional deficiency, the following line of treatment used is composed of behavior therapy, i m sorry analyzes the specific context in i beg your pardon the eat occurs and targets events surrounding the eating pattern.

Lee trust her instance was rooted in a nutritional deficiency. In 2003, Lee began taking vitamins and also supplements such as vitamin C, zinc and also potassium. “Since taking the vitamins, the cravings went away,” said Lee. “The cravings never ever came back.”

What"s the weirdest food -- or non-food -- the you"ve ever craved? Moms, go pica hit during pregnancy?