A new COVID-19 symptom as arised as a result of the delta variant of the coronavirus.

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Are earaches a new COVID symptom?

Multiple doctors told WFLA, an affiliate that NBC, that their COVID-19 patients have suffered indigenous a brand-new symptom since of your COVID-19 infection: earaches.

Are earaches a brand-new COVID symptom?

Indeed, Dr. Nicole Frommann, clinical director because that TGH Urgent care in Florida, said WFLA the the earache symptom provides the delta variant much various than the alpha variant.

What are an ext delta variant symptoms?

Dr. George Monks, a physician and volunteer teacher the college of Oklahoma, said his COVID-19 patients have reported various symptoms because of delta, as I wrote for the silverlakestyle.com News.


This group is suffering from significant COVID-19 breakthrough cases much more than any kind of other new study discover how common COVID-19 was in 2020

Jonathan Leizman, chief clinical officer the Premise Health, a health and wellness care firm headquartered in Tennessee, freshly told HuffPost that the delta variant has actually some usual symptoms.

“The symptoms space really the same as before. That the headache, cough, fatigue, runny nose, fever — those type of generalised flu-like symptoms,” that said.

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