Although she's no on The this day Show every morning, Dylan Dreyer has come to be a continuous personality because that fans the the show. The meteorologist sometimes fills in because that Al Roker or Carson Daly, and also she's additionally been known for she appearances top top The Weather Channel. Provided her regular presence top top Today, though, and how publicly she is around motherhood, fans have actually started come wonder whether she might be expecting again. 

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Rumors had been spreading that Dylan can be pregnant with a third kiddo, yet it wasn't till Tuesday, may 11 that we acquired confirmation: Yes, Dylan Dreyer is pregnant again! The meteorologist announced that she and also her husband, Brian Fichera, are expecting baby No. 3 in November of 2021 — and it will be their third boy!


In the past, Dylan has actually been reasonably open top top Today around her nursing struggles. She provided birth to her an initial son, Calvin, in 2016, and also her 2nd son, Oliver, in January of last year. Dylan claimed on the present that she's excited to add another boy to the mix: "I don’t have actually to include any toys!"

Although Dylan hasn't announced an additional pregnancy, she has been open with Today viewers around the scary chapters she's currently had in her life as a parent. In July of critical year, Dylan's sons had actually to have actually separate surgeries three days apart. Calvin had surgery to acquire his tonsils removed, and Oliver, that was only six month old in ~ the time, was having actually routine surgery. Thankfully, whatever went well and both boys are okay. 

The surgeries weren't initially an alleged to it is in so nearby together, but since of COVID-19, they wound increase happening throughout the exact same week.  

"We didn't intend for your surgeries to be back-to-back but since of COVID<-19>, everything got rearranged," she said. "Calvin gained his tonsils out. He was a trooper, he's already feeling a whole lot better. Oliver had surgery too."

Dylan also said that her husband, Brian Fichera, was not allowed to be current for the surgeries due to the fact that of COVID restrictions, which just made the experience more stressful.  "Because that COVID, and also I both couldn't go, so I'm do the efforts to bring my pumps, mine cooler bag, mine diaper bag, Oliver post-surgery, do the efforts to hold him tenderness — I simply didn't have enough hands,” she explained. “It to be a an obstacle going v it alone." 

In enhancement to the woes of gift a parent throughout a pandemic, Dylan likewise had to address the heartbreak of experiencing a miscarriage before the bear of her second son. In one interview ~ above Today, Dylan recounted the endure of realizing she'd had actually a miscarriage, and also then having to put on a brave face for her job-related on the show. 

“I’m devastated, and also I have to go to work-related on the Today Show and be happy and also smiling and pretend choose nothing’s wrong,” she explained. 

Eventually, her co-workers establish there to be something wrong and she confided in them. Dylan struggled to have actually a second child due to the fact that of secondary infertility, which about 3 million ladies in the US endure from. The condition makes the harder to have a second biological son after having actually the first. 

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Which provides it every the more exciting the the household will shortly be snuggling another small bundle that joy. Congratulations to Dylan, Brian, Calvin, and also Oliver!

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