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Duck Brand duct tapes room made v three main components: rubber adhesive, cloth, and also film backing.

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Narrator: Duct tape have the right to hold just about anything together. We use it for all sorts of repairs and even together a decorative enhancement to assorted arts and crafts. Yet what makes duct ice cream so solid and versatile? and is it "duct" ice or "duck" tape?

The tape was originally dubbed duck tape due to the fact that of its water-resistant qualities. The repelled water choose a duck"s back, and it used to be made the end of a cotton duck cloth without any adhesive layers. But cotton duck cloth doesn"t actually come native ducks. This is what that looks like. It"s a solid fabric made from cotton, whereby the threads do a crisscross pattern. Known for being a strong material, the cloth was used to protect power cables and electrical conductors from corrosion.

But the adhesive duct tape us know and also love today didn"t show up until people War II. A factory worker who was packaging ammunition sealed every box through tape and also wax to do them waterproof. Once the worker, Vesta Stout, witnessed soldiers struggling to open up the boxes, she came up through an idea come seal the boxes with a strong, cloth-based, waterproof tape. Stout wrote a letter to FDR around her solution and a couple of weeks later, obtained word native the War production Board that Johnson and Johnson would certainly be production the tape. The tape ended up being a army sensation. It to be durable and also easy come apply and also remove by hand. After ~ the battle ended, duct ice cream turned up in hardware stores all set to assist Americans with family members repairs, too. That quickly became a advantageous tool because that wrapping waiting ducts, which caused its other name, duct tape.

Ashley Luke: Duct tape supplied to be kind of a one-and-done silver- tape that was essentially used because that repairs. Our adhesive is particularly formulated to stick to a whole range of different surfaces, and then usually the waterproof backing on top of the then protects the adhesive as soon as it"s applied to a surface.

Narrator: There room three main components that enter making the tape. Rubber for the adhesive, cloth, and also backing. The rubber originates from rubber trees and arrives in ~ the factory in big bales. A machine mixes the raw rubber together with various sticky resins until the reaches the consistency the pizza dough. Then, the mixture is cook to end 200 levels Fahrenheit. Currently the adhesive is prepared to be included to the cloth and the backing. The cloth, sometimes referred to as the scrim, lies in between the sticky rubber layer and that common silver backing. It"s do from cotton and also is a an essential part the the tape. The towel is what gives the ice its tensile strength. It renders it simple to hand tear and keeps the tape grounding to a surface as soon as it"s set down. Finally, there"s the backing. The backing is made from polyethylene, the exact same plastic product used to make bags and also shampoo bottles. As soon as the backing is ready, every one of the materials are put together.

Ashley Luke: So there"s usually two means that the backing deserve to be integrated into the tape: either laminated or co-extrusion. The co-extrusion basically melds with each other the backing, the cloth, and also then the adhesive. For this reason it gives you a stronger tape that won"t delaminate. It"s gonna it is in really great in different weather applications.

Narrator: as soon as the layers space combined, the toughness of the cloth and the plastic-like nature of the backing integrate to give the tape the strength and durability we know and also love. The tape comes the end in one jumbo roll that weighs over a ton. Each gigantic roll can develop over 30,000 little rolls. To acquire it to a smaller size, the role is sliced into strips. Then, the smaller tape strips room put into cores and also rerolled. Finally, the tapes are put in their last packaging, sent down the conveyor belt, and also put into boxes because that shipment. Since its debut, duct tape has exploded in popularity.

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Today, we usage it to do flowers, bags, wallets, science projects, and various DIY crafts. Unlike her masking tapes, scotch tapes, painter"s tape, and also other single-use tapes, duct tape has a long background of being offered for just about anything. By merely putting fabric and adhesive together, Vesta Stout may have developed one of the most useful and also strongest innovations we have today.