Dr. Phil, the hold of a TV show of the exact same name, has actually won over all of our hearts v his heart-touching, emotional yet sensible advice. Born as Phillip Calvin McGraw, Dr. Phil is a licensed clinical psychology practitioner, back he has let his patent expire. Rising to fame through his appearances top top ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show,’ he shortly took Oprah’s assist to launch and also host his own advice display in 2002.

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However, long prior to earning fame together Dr. Phil, Phillip was going v a hard time in 1973 as soon as his marital relationship with his very first wife got annulled. That was when Robin Jo Jameson came right into his life and also filled it with light. The pair married 3 years later in 1976 and also have been enjoying a wonderful married life. Because then, Dr. Phil has actually gone top top to uncover extraordinary fame v his display while Robin is now a new York times bestselling author. Still, being a celebrity couple, lock have had actually the added misfortune of taking care of rumors and also speculations due to the fact that their increase to fame. So, let’s discover out if Phillip and Robin McGraw room still together, chandelier we?

Phillip and also Robin McGraw: just how Did castle Meet?

Before Robin, Phillip McGraw to be married come his high institution sweetheart, Debbie Higgins. The two married in 1970, but the union did not last long, and the couple decided to separate in 1973. While your annulment to be going on, Phillip met Robin for the very very first time. The latter was a friend of his sister, and also the 2 met for the an initial time in Phillip’s parents’ family members room. Phillip later mentioned the he was getting over his previous marriage as well as going to school to acquire his master’s degree which was why the did no wish to loss in love best then. However, fate intervened, and also Phillip discovered himself asking Robin out on a date.

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The couple’s very very first date remained in Phillip’s airplane, which that piloted himself. He take it Robin on a night-time flight, and also that was as soon as she fell in love with him. The pair dated for three years before Phil surprised Robin by popping the concern on February 14, 1976. Robin was just too glad to accept, and they obtained married in a an easy yet beautiful consciousness on august 14, 1976.

Since then, the pair has presented extreme dedication and also commitment to each other, with their 44-year lengthy marriage standing together a testimony to your love. Your union has also resulted in the couple welcoming their children, Jay McGraw and Jordan McGraw. Jay to be born top top September 12, 1979, when his younger brother, Jordan, came into this human being on October 21, 1986. Coming from such a close-knit family and with your parents sharing great relationship, both of your sons are now successful individuals in their very own fields.

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Are Phillip and Robin McGraw quiet Together?

Yes, Robin and also Phillip McGraw still share a rock-solid relationship and are life a happy married life. Unfortunately, v their fame, the pair has to be plagued by many divorce rumors throughout your relationship. Also though both Phillip and Robin have actually come the end denying the rumors many times, new speculations, although uncorroborated, it seems to be ~ to feather up. There have actually been many made-up tales about their an alleged divorce, and Phillip had actually to walk public in 2012 come deny every rumors outright and also assure fans of his marriage.

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However, the speculations remained, and also in 2019, Phillip took another stand if on the ‘Rachael ray Show’ whereby he stated that he had actually told his wife he would never leave her. He further went on to state, “We space not obtaining a divorce, and for them to obsess top top something the is so at the core definition of our family members is simply astounding come me.” In 2019, the pair also approve a warning about fake divorce story which to be being offered to scam viewers.