They flourished up as several of the worlds’ best teen idols and also now, decades later, Donny Osmond and also Marie Osmond space still two of the most beloved celebs in music showbiz. Although the brother-sister duo have actually transformed your careers to become an international superstars, there are still tons of facts you could not know around them.

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The pair’s show, Donny & Marie, first aired back in 1976 and also made lock the youngest entertainers in TV history to host their very own hit variety series. Fast-forward almost 40 years, and also Donny and Marie are juggling their resides as parents, siblings, spouses and entertainers.

The “Paper Roses” songstress and the Masked Singer alum have commemorated many career turning points together. Next from starring on their selection show because that two periods until 1979, they go on to show up in Goin’ Coconuts, toured the country and much more.

In 2008, Marie and Donny announced a six-week residency in ras Vegas. However, your show came to be so effective that they headlined at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino because that over 11 years. At the time they announced they would certainly be ending their residency for great in in march 2019, fans were heartbroken.


Fortunately, the “I’ll do a guy Out that You” singer insisted this i will not ~ be the last you would check out of the sibling pair. “It’s the end of the Donny and Marie show,” the shared throughout their announcement on Good Morning America. “It’s not the end of Donny and also Marie.”

The Talk alum echoed she brother’s sweet sentiment during an exclusive interview through Closer in October 2019. “There’s this thing dubbed DNA that kind of prefer makes friend close,” Marie joked in ~ the time. “Donny and I, we have actually so much background together. I mean, we’re family.”


Whether or no Donny and Marie ever team up again in the future, they couldn’t feel more grateful to have actually been by every other’s next throughout your iconic run — even if castle “never eye-to-eye.” for now, Donny is headlining his very own solo residency at Harrah’s, which is meant to run until November 2022, if Marie is concentrating on she music and acting career.

“We can end up each rather sentences and also we recognize what each other’s thinking, but we are very different people. That’s our chemistry,” the stunning TV organize jokingly mutual with Closer in January 2019. “ loves everything organized and structured, when I prefer to breathe within the framework of the show. I’m constantly throwing a curveball at him. That goes crazy and also it makes me laugh so I keep doing it.”

Scroll v the gallery below to view 12 fun facts around Donny and also Marie!


Marie has actually Said Donny Is her Favorite human being to it is in on stage With

Marie constantly has nothing but amazing points to say around her talented brother. “Of all the performers I’ve shared a phase with in mine career, Donny has proved to it is in the many all-around gifted entertainer,” she has actually gushed.


Donny states He Struggled with ‘Horrible’ stress and anxiety in the ’90s

By the moment the ’90s rolling around, Donny had already been in showbiz for almost two decades. Regardless of all his experience, the singer said he struggled v “horrible” anxiety as soon as he started working on 1999’s Joseph and also the impressive Technicolor Dreamcoat.

“‘I’m walk to shed it again, now that I’ve gained it back,’” the star remembered thinking at the time, he revealed during a September 2021 interview through Page Six. “And the tore me to pieces since I thought, you know, i tried to be perfect. Anytime I would make a mistake on stage, I would berate myself, and I was very hard ~ above myself.”

Looking back on his childhood, Donny said he to be “raised with the concept that you as an audience member paid good money for this ticket,” therefore, it was his “job” to placed on a an excellent show “so that ticket is worth the price the admission.”

Fortunately, he acquired some advice from colleague Steven Pimlott. “ said, ‘It’s not your job the make the audience happy. Friend just have to have the best time in your life, and also the audience peeks into that world.’ and also it changed the whole perspective,” Donny shared. “So once I’m on stage now, yes, you desire to be cognizant that making sure the audience is enjoying themselves, yet they’re walk to reap themselves if you’re having actually a blast.”


Donny offered to Wear purple Socks to their Shows

And for great reason! The brown-haired hunk provided to don purple socks throughout shows so the fans might look for the shade as the siblings to be on stage. “I stopped once I was about 21 or 22. My mam turned come me and said, ‘Come on, flourish up, will you?’ yet I do, because that sentimental reasons, have a box in mine basement that the original pairs of purple socks,” that told Tulsa World in 2015.

They to be Made into ‘Donny & Marie’ Barbie Dolls

Donny and Marie were made into Barbie Dolls in the ’70s — which has to be one of the coolest things! Donny has also been turned into a cartoon personality at the very least twice before. First, in Rankin-Bass’ Saturday morning series The Osmonds in 1972.

Unfortunately, Marie was not a part of the cartoon series as she hadn’t made her performing debut at the time. Donny was additionally once a recurring personality in Johnny Bravo.

Donny and also Marie Went their Separate methods in the early on ’80s

Donny and Marie quit singing with each other in the early ’80s come reestablish their careers together individual artists. “We constantly knew the we’d come earlier together again,” Donny has actually said, adding, “and as soon as I saw this room in ~ the Flamingo, through the booths, I referred to as Marie and also said, ‘This is it. This is the old ras Vegas the we prospered up in.’”

Marie Agreed to Their vegas Residency top top One Condition

After taking a decade-long hiatus indigenous performing together, Marie and Donny announced they were reuniting in 2008 for a six-month run in las Vegas. Funny enough, Marie only agreed come the gig top top the problem that she acquired a larger dressing room than Donny!

“Hey, i have an ext children, and I live here. I need the space,” she as soon as joked, defending she bigger space, before quipping, “But George Wallace’s is bigger 보다 mine.”

Donny and also Marie Each have a Favorite song to Perform

“I like performing in Vegas due to the fact that it permits me to perform numerous different layouts of music,” Marie as soon as revealed come Blog las vegas in 2015. “But the one that i look forward to, that challenges me every night, is ‘Nessun Dorma."” as for Donny, his favourite is “Moon River.” he dished, “Of every the songs I execute in the show, this one reminds me of where entertainment began for me.”

They Don’t check out Each various other Much external of Shows

During the time they to be performing in ras Vegas, their Flamingo dressing rooms were next door to each other — but Donny stated he no see much of his sister until showtime.

And once their sets to be over, Donny always has one location in mind. “When I have time off, and I’m not doing anything, I’d fairly go home and also see mine wife and also kids,” he has actually said.

They’ve also Been Turned into Wax Figures

Donny and also Marie took their ras Vegas Residency to a whole brand-new level as soon as Madame Tussauds unveiled their wax numbers inside The Donny & Marie Showroom at the Flamingo resort. “It’s amazing just how real castle look … I’ve always wondered what it would be favor to have actually sister,” Marie stated at the time, according to mam Tussauds, come which Donny replied, “I have actually one sister and also one is enough!”

Donny has One major Pet Peeve

One of Donny’s pet peeves is when human being spell his name choose “Donnie.” The order error bothers the singer so lot that his backstage crew in ~ the Flamingo in las Vegas once spelled it the wrong means on the gold star ~ above his dressing room door as a joke

Donny can Name the most Embarrassing minute He’s ever Had top top Stage

“It was throughout Joseph and also The amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, my loincloth come off. In Salt Lake City, of every cities,” Donny explained during a Q&A top top Reddit in 2015. “I got hold of a basket and covered myself back up! however the ensemble, the cast, they to be chasing me and pulled it turn off me!”

Marie Is the just Daughter the 9 Osmond Children

Besides Donny, Marie is likewise the sisters to she seven various other brothers — Virl OsmondTom Osmond, Alan Osmond, Wayne Osmond, Merrill Osmond, Jay Osmond and Jimmy Osmond.

Thanks to growing up with the boys, Marie has learned to become a jokester end the years. “My mom said to me, ‘You’re Marie Osmond: her M.O. Is to save (the Osmond brothers) every humble,"” she has shared.

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Donny has a secret to His Long-Lasting Career v Marie

Donny says the mystery to a having actually a long-lasting career with Marie is “not hanging out together all the time — and having our own separate careers,” he as soon as told the Daily Mail.