(silverlakestyle.com)Donald Trump"s wait-and-see approach to the 2024 election has frozen the following Republican presidential primary before it"s even begun.

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As each rumored 2024 candidate navigates the apprehension of one more Trump bid -- deciding if they should publicly acknowledge their presidential ambitions or store their head down till he makes a decision -- their potential opponents are payment close attention to the degree of commitment they present the previous President.
Some likely 2024 contenders are developing campaigns-in-waiting — rental trusted advisers, meeting through donors and also visiting all-important major states despite knowing it could all be because that nothing if the previous President enters the race. ~ above Wednesday, because that instance, former Vice chairman Mike Pence is collection to travel to brand-new Hampshire come mingle with GOP donors in ~ a fundraiser for state Republicans and critique the Biden management in a speech organized by conservative activism group Heritage Action. Notably, Pence has actually not claimed he would refrain from complicated his former boss in the following presidential primary.
Other rumored Republican hopefuls who have actually made together declarations have attracted criticism from within the party.
Former brand-new Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has argued GOP voters should instantly discount any rumored candidate who tethers your decision come Trump.
"If you"re saying you"re deferring come someone, that"s a actual sign of both weakness and also indecision," he claimed in May.
A grasp of would-be 2024 GOP contenders have currently made such pledges or strong hinted the they would not difficulty Trump in a primary. Previous South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley claimed so in the clearest terms ago in April, telling reporters at the time that she "would not run if president Trump ran." A Haley spokeswoman decreased to comment because that this story.



Cheney has said she is ready to do "whatever it takes" to protect against Trump indigenous making it to the Oval Office again, presumably indicating the she would take the on in a Republican primary, while Hogan called Politico in September that a trumped candidacy "certainly wouldn"t prevent me" if he decides to operation for president.
Similarly, new Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu, who supported Trump in 2020 yet has been an essential of the previous President"s election fraud insurance claims over the previous year, told reporters at the Republican Governors" Association annual conference critical month that he is open to running for president and will decision "based top top what I can deliver, not based upon what anyone rather is thinking."
Perhaps many surprising is the posture two longtime trumped loyalists have adopted. Previous Vice chairman Mike Pence, who continues to compliment trump in publicly speeches regardless of their falling the end over his verification of the 2020 election results, has actually notably decreased to to speak he won"t difficulty his former boss in 2024. Pence aides are also quick to keep in mind that Trump will not it is in a aspect in his decision.
"If you know the Pences, you know they"ll always shot to discern where they"re being called to serve. And also I don"t think the is dependency on that else is in or no in the race," Pence aide and former chief of staff Marc brief told The Atlantic last week.

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Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who has been acquisition the temperature the GOP donors top top a 2024 bid and also making the trek come Iowa and brand-new Hampshire, has additionally declined to sweet in ~ above running versus Trump in a primary. In an interview with Fox News organize Sean Hannity earlier this year, Pompeo stated he"s "always up for a an excellent fight" as soon as asked if he would run if trump doesn"t. That did not clarify if that competitiveness would remain in a major that contains Trump.