Duane Lee "Dog" Chapman, famously well-known as Dog the Bounty Hunter, and also his currently late wife, Beth Chapman, rose to truth TV fame in 2004. That"s when A&E began documenting the family"s wild adventures as they hunted and also captured fugitives between Dog"s home state of Hawaii and also native state that Colorado. The show, dubbed Dog the Bounty Hunter, was massively successful and also helped reshape the programming A&E offered from artsy biography collection to documenting the most extraordinary people A&E might find (per Variety).

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With Dog"s top long, flow blonde hair paired through his black sunglasses the were practically never lacking from his face; his wife"s impressive capability to track and also chase down bail-skippers in high heels; and the inspirational pep talks the household would share before venturing top top a brand-new mission, the present was one A&E staple for eight years.

Fans were consequently captured off-guard as soon as Dog the Bounty Hunter was all of sudden canceled ~ a much more than 200-episode run v the network, regardless of still having actually a big following. The finish of the collection did expose some family drama, however there was an ext to the fall of the hit A&E show. Proceed reading for an ext insight into why Dog"s show was canceled.

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On the surface, there appeared to be no negative blood in between Dog the Bounty Hunter and also A&E, as the Chapman family members released a positive statement ~ above the show"s cancellation. "This has actually been a great ride for 8 seasons and we would certainly not be wherein we space today but for our faithful and committed fans. Us are around to start a brand-new chapter, and also an announcement will be make sooner fairly than later. Girlfriend can"t store a good Dog down," the statement review (via Channel guide Magazine). Top top the flip side, A&E never ever released an main statement, but a resource close come the present (per TMZ) declared the network pulled the plug when "creative differences" could not it is in resolved.

The finish of the display came ~ the Chapman family additionally had inner disputes. Dog"s sons Duane Lee II and Leland left the series in 2011, and episodes proved the Chapman family attempting to reconcile their issues. However, Dog, Beth, and firm were able to quickly fix any internal issues and also give pan the action and realness castle yearned for: a new show.

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The part of the A&E breakup statement in i m sorry Dog the Bounty Hunter and his family members promised a brand-new chapter materialized into a new show on CMT. Dog, Beth, Leland, and also in the critical season, daughter Cecily showed up on Dog and Beth: ~ above The Hunt because that three seasons until ending in 2016. Filming stopped because of another collection of complications: The bail industry was in ~ risk, and also they want to save it.

Beth Chapman, that at the moment was the chairman of the skilled Bail Agents that the unified States, called In Touch Weekly she concerns. "Our market is under attack," she said. "There are bail reform movements springing up throughout the country that would end the cash bail systems. This would be a disaster." However, an ext complications to be headed toward this bounty-hunting family.

After a an extremely brief TV hiatus, Dog and also Beth to be welcomed into the dwellings of fans as soon as again, but for a grim reason. The couple teamed up with A&E as soon as again to file a brand-new fight: Beth"s fight with neck cancer. The network released an emotional two-hour unique in 2017. Beth sadly passed two years later in Hawaii. In a tear-filled interview quickly after her death, Dog claimed he could never replace his partner-in-crime. "There is not one more Beth. There"ll never ever be one more Beth. There ain"t a girl developed like an additional Beth," he told Entertainment Tonight.

Dog the Bounty Hunter signed ~ above a brand-new deal called Dog"s most Wanted with WGN, which showed his critical fugitive quests with Beth Chapman. The display ran because that one season, but was canceled simply as quickly as it landing in Dog"s lap, according to The Sun. However, TMZ reported in February 2020 that it"s just on a "hiatus."

The show"s suddenly pause came as new family turmoil hit the tabloids: just seven months after Beth passed, Dog proposed to previous friend Moon Angell top top The Dr. Oz Show. His family and also friends to be allegedly concerned, and also his daughter Lyssa slammed Angell in a collection of tweets. "Any human who moves in ~ above a guy weeks after shedding his wife, that you were supposed to it is in a "friend" to, Is the lowest scum ~ above the planet," she protested. Dog has since proposed to a various woman, Francie Frane, a previous rancher and hunter who lost her husband roughly the same time Beth passed.

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Dog released a movie dubbed Hunter"s Creed, which followed his journey through faith and love ~ his wife"s passing. Additionally, he embraced a transaction with new streaming service Unleashed! (via Deadline). Dog"s latest bounty hunting display is dubbed Dog Unleashed and follows along together he take away a step ago from chasing bail-skippers and also hunts the most dangerous criminal in America. Dog has posted many times about this brand-new venture, i m sorry debuts in January 2021, follow to his Instagram post.