What is the legal definition of failing to comply with a police officer?

A.R.S. § 28-622 is the statute the covers what the means, legit speaking, come fail to comply with a police officer:

A. A human being shall not wilfully fail or refuse to comply with any type of lawful stimulate or direction the a police officer invested by law with authority to direct, regulate or manage traffic.

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B. A person who violates this ar is guilty that a course 2 misdemeanor.

What does the really mean to fail come comply v a police officer?

We normally see a "failure to comply with police officer" fee tacked top top to various other charges. Rarely do we ever before encounter someone who wilfully failed to comply v a police officer. That is usually among two situations:

1. Confusion or misunderstanding

Sometimes drivers just do not understand what a police officer is trying to communicate, or are perplexed by what the cop said. Because that example, think about a case where one irate police officer gives a driver 2 conflicting and confusing regulates like "keep her hands where I have the right to see them" and also "show me your license and also registration". Well, i beg your pardon is it? save your hands where the officer deserve to see them, or reach right into your bag for her wallet to gain your license? one more example can be a policeman directing traffic. Occasionally it looks come me favor police are simply waiving your arms around. Throw in some seemingly randomly put traffic cones, and maybe it"s dark outside, and also it can be challenging to understand where the police want you to drive.

Either that those instances frequently an outcome in one irritated and also annoyed cop who then adds on a "failure to comply" criminal fee to do himself feel better.

2. Fail to respect my authority

If you"ve seen the Southpark episode whereby Cartman is a police officer, climate you recognize this dynamic. If not, inspect out the video clip below. It"s only 25 secs long. A "failure come obey" fee is regularly the result of a police officer that feels disrespected. Most human being do not purposely disrespect police (check out this short article on exactly how to beat nice throughout your next traffic stop, or this one about exactly how to stop bodily harm), however cops deserve to still feel disrespected even if that was not your goal. Points that cause cops to feeling disrespected deserve to include:

Asserting her rights. This can include together outrageous behavior like invoking your right to stay silent or not consenting come a search. No doing what a cop desires immediately. Because that example, a police officer pulls up behind you and turns top top his lights. There is no runoff or anywhere to pull end without blocking the highway, for this reason you continue on about a half mile until you uncover a safe spot to pull over. This deserve to infuriate a cop since you did no pull over immediately, even though the would have been unsafe to perform so. Refusing to comply with an illegal command. Cops typically lie in an initiative to coerce friend into giving up your rights. This lying deserve to include regulates to carry out things you do not need to do. If you space knowledgeable and also refuse to comply through an illegal request, this will most likely make a cop angry. An instance is a cop who demands that you create your I.D. As soon as he stops you together you space walking down the sidewalk, and also your just legal responsibility is to provide your name.

In short, if you make a cop feel annoyed, irritated, angered, or otherwise put-out, you might be charged v failing to respect failing to comply.

Consequences that failing to comply

The after-effects of failing come respect failing to comply with a cop deserve to be severe. If you are lucky, friend will just be charged through the crime outlined above. And I"m not joking once I speak that. Anytime you are forced into an communication with a cop, you should consider yourself lucky to to escape physically unharmed and also still in possession of your property. If you are charged v failing to obey while driving, a cop might arrest you and also impound your car. The worst case scenario is of food you gain shot or killed. Cops may try to escalate a situation, but when girlfriend are engaged with a cop, you must never escalate. ~ above the next of the road is not the place to communicate in an argument with an irate cop who is moving a gun. Comply come the finest of her ability, get through the communication safely, and then address the case in court whereby the odds of obtaining shot are much lower.

How perform you hit a failure to comply charge?

Appeal to a reasonable mind.

Fortunately, when the officer worries you the ticket, he"s not the one that decides the outcome. Your case will it is in assigned to a prosecutor, and also that is that we negotiate with to reach a resolution, and that is frequently possible. The great thing around prosecutors is they normally aren"t emotionally invested in your instance (whereas the cop charged you v failure come comply largely due to the fact that of emotion). As described above, many failure to obey charges an outcome from a misunderstanding or an emotionally reactive officer. Unless girlfriend wilfully disobeyed a lawful command that the police officer, odds space very good that the prosecutor will work-related with you. 

Take it come trial.

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In the event a prosecutor is no reasonable, then the State needs to prove in ~ trial, beyond a reasonable doubt, the you wilfully disobeyed a lawful order of the police officer. Sometimes we are able to obtain things prefer on-body camera video clip from the officer, photographs that the scene, dash cam video, or other details that supports our client"s version of events, i.e. That there was no wilfull fail to obey. This charge charge is properly used to human being who perform things prefer flee indigenous the police bring about a high-speed pursuit. That is not expected for world who misunderstand a confusing command or who room the victim of an emotionally stunted police officer, even though that is often what happens.


So i have never been in trouble before… i live in Kansas City & the officers down here attend to a many serious crime. Recently, ns was was standing still in ~ the peak of a staircase v a skateboard through my side & an officer traction up in a 4 wheeler ordering me to involved him, that sounded very aggressive and I was scared so i stood still. Following thing I recognize he gets turn off his fourwheeler and comes to where I to be standing & take away me & place my hands behind my ago and puts me in handcuffs. He speak me ns failed to comply v his order but I seriously didn’t recognize what to be going on. He finally reveals come me that the factor why the ordered me to come to him is because people space riding bird scooters on sidewalks.. But I no on a bird scooter. Currently I have actually a court date that keeps gaining pushed ago and ns so confused. He speak me the went indigenous busting sex trafficking rings to now gaining onto civilization for riding scooters ~ above sidewalks.. I am an extremely well mindful I am wrong for no going to the officer as soon as he ordered me to however honestly i was really scared and also exhausted native skating for hrs previously.. Ns wish I can go ago & just go come the officer once he said me to, since I carry out respect officers and I have actually so much gratitude for their will to it is in on the prior lines the reality…