Cause of Disneyland Fire Revealed: Why a Fire Erupted at the SoCal design template Park

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On the night of February 6, 2020, a fire broke out at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California. The blaze developed in the “backstage” area the the park between the Disneyland Fire Station and also the main Street Emporium Gift Shop.

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While the fire was easily controlled and extinguished by the joint initiatives of Disneyland Fire Department and also Anaheim Fire and also Rescue, the flames flourished to a point they could be easily seen by park guests, and was the cause of isolated power outages, the short-lived closure that Adventureland, and also the partial evacuation of the park itself.

While over there was prompt speculation around what led to the fire, we had no main confirmation. Until now, thanks to a current report by the Orange county Register. 

“The fire was related to a generator providing power to a building,” California division of job-related Safety and Health spokesperson frank Polizzi said.

It to be a short-term generator Disneyland was using for construction. Due to the fact that it was not in any type of relation to a journey or the maintain of a ride, California’s department of occupational Safety and also Health, the state-run company that inspects theme parks choose Disneyland and issues operational patent to that attractions made decision not to inspection the fire.

State agency determines reason of Disneyland fire that forced closure the Adventureland

— O.C. It is registered (
ocregister) February 12, 2020

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The only far-reaching damage brought about by the fire was to the fringe that the themed-land, Adventureland. Follow to Disneyland officials, the fire burned some the the vegetation near the standard Jungle Cruise attraction. No actors Members the Guests were injured and no other structures in the vicinity suffered any damage. Disneyland and its Adventureland was back open to guests the complying with morning.

It should also be provided that instances such together a faulty generator catching fire are very rare and out-of-place occurrences. These crashes almost never take place at Disneyland or any Disney Park and guests have to not permit this story deter lock in any way from visiting the Happiest ar on Earth.

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Coincidentally enough, though, the Disneyland fire happened on the exact same night Walt Disney human being itself was experiencing from part misfortunes. Firework shows choose “Happily ever before After” to be canceled all across the property and the Skyliner cable car transportation device was closed together a weather tape of hurricane-force winds raced throughout the entirety of the Sunshine State. No injuries or damage was reported over there either. Click here for more information on the situation.

 Are friend surprised that a generator caught fire at Disneyland Park? walk you know anybody who was in the park that night? carry out you think the DOSH should relocate forward with an investigation? allow us understand in the comments!

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