Editor"s keep in mind — Coronavirus situations remain high throughout the globe. Health officials caution the travel increases your possibilities of getting and also spreading the virus. Staying home is the best means to stem transmission. Listed below is details on what to recognize if friend still arrangement to travel, last updated on November 26
(silverlakestyle.com) — If you"re to plan to take trip to one of the Disney Parks & Resorts approximately the world, here"s what you"ll need to know and expect if you want to visit during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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All Disney parks approximately the world are currently open to visitors, though Covid-19 constraints remain in place.
Disneyland resort in California reopened top top April 30 with minimal capacity at Disneyland park and also Disney California Adventure park.
In Florida, all of Disney World"s parks are open with the exemption of Typhoon Lagoon. No reopening date has been set.
As for the Florida park"s hotels, many have currently reopened. Disney"s All-Star sporting activities Resort is as result of reopen top top December 9.
Hong Kong Disneyland and also Shanghai Disneyland Park -- consisting of all many hotels -- space operating with amplified health and safety measures in place. Guests need to reserve their tickets online before visiting.
Shanghai Disneyland entered a snap lockdown top top October 31 after ~ a solitary Covid-19 case was confirmed. The extreme measure saw 10s of hundreds of visitors and staff required to undergo coronavirus testing prior to they were enabled to leaving the park, together police blocked the exits and secured the grounds. The park has since reopened.
Then, ~ above November 17, Hong Kong Disneyland to be shut and staff and visitors make to experience Covid experimentation after a current visitor experiment preliminary optimistic for the virus.
Tokyo Disneyland and also Tokyo DisneySea are open, in addition to their hotels. A new addition, the Toy Story Hotel, is due to open in 2022.
Disneyland Paris totally reopened ~ above June 17, while its new Disney"s Hotel new York: The arts of Marvel property opened up on June 21. All various other Disney hotels there are open with the exception of the Disneyland Hotel, which is at this time closed for renovations.
The original and, some can say, best, design template parks, Disney"s resorts stay a magical experience for all the family. Native vertiginous rides come firework displays, and of course the possibility to meet classic characters, a expedition to a Disney Park provides memories that last a lifetime.
The Paris ar is topic to France"s entry rules. ~ above September 10, France removed the United says from that is safe travel list, efficiently prohibiting nonessential take trip to the nation for unvaccinated visitors. Read an ext about the limitations here.
In line with the recent French authorities" requirements, a health Pass is forced for guests age 12 and also older to visit the Disney parks in Paris.
Only locals and returning citizen can access Hong Kong Disney park when the Shanghai resort can only it is in accessed by locals or those who satisfy China"s strictly entry requirements, consisting of two an unfavorable test outcomes taken within 48 hrs of departures.
Japan also remains closed come tourists, meaning only residents are able come visit the Tokyo Disney parks.
In the US, all guests eras 2 and up in ~ Walt Disney World and also Disneyland resort are required to wear confront coverings indoors, nevertheless of vaccination status. They space optional because that outdoor usual areas.
Disneyland has got rid of on-site temperature checks and also is permitting guests come "self-determine" society distancing due to the fact that California has removed distancing requirements.
Some Disney parks have resumed their nightly fireworks shows and also parades. Schedules and reopening details are obtainable on every individual park"s website.
Capacity has been reduced in Disney"s theme parks, v numbers further restricted in restaurants and in waiting line to prevent overcrowding.
Despite this, guests deserve to still dine in at your favorite restaurants and enjoy the rides, though some character meet-and-greets have been changed by socially distanced personality processions.
Several Disney civilization restaurants in hotels and theme parks are enabling character dining again. Reservations, very recommended, are forced in part locations.
At Disneyland in California, Minnie and also Friends Breakfast at Plaza Inn reopened because that character dining in august 2021.
In the hotels, Disney"s grand Californian Hotel & Spa supplies the Mickey"s story of Adventure Breakfast in ~ Storytellers Café and the Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures inside the Napa climbed restaurant, if the Disneyland Hotel has Goofy"s Kitchen.
Disney World"s 50th anniversary party kicked off on October 1 and will critical 18 months. Celebrations will be organized in all four of the resort"s design template parks.
A "Beacons that Magic" present started October 1, where signature frameworks in each park are specially illuminated: Cinderella castle in Magic Kingdom, Spaceship planet at Epcot, Hollywood Tower Hotel at Hollywood Studios and the Tree that Life at animal Kingdom.

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At the Magic Kingdom, a nighttime present called "Disney Enchantment" attributes music, intensified lighting, fireworks and immersive projection results from Cinderella castle down key Street, U.S.A.