"I can"t stop living just due to the fact that they did," the beloved radio host tells Janine Rubenstein top top the recent episode of the human being Every job podcast

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The lover radio personality, 61, has had to use those very same coping mechanisms in her own life, she reveals on the latest episode that the civilization Every day podcast through Janine Rubenstein; after all, "we've buried three sons since 2012."

Delilah's son Sammy died of complications through sickle-cell anemia once he to be 16 in in march 2012. She likewise lost her 18-year-old child Zachariah to suicide in October 2017, prior to her stepson Ryan died in December 2019. "I think when you lose a child, if girlfriend don't have actually coping mechanism, you're not going to last long," she says.

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She claims that visiting a grief counselor to be "probably the finest thing i did for myself," adding that support groups and also her belief were crucial in helping she cope. But it to be the words of musician Rory Feek (who shed wife Joey come cancer in 2016) that stuck to her.

"Right after ~ Zack passed, got to out to me, and he claimed something to me that readjusted me," she says. "He said, 'Your boys room much more a part of her future, than they room a part of your past.' "



Delilah admits that she was upset with him for saying that at first, until he defined what he meant.

"Because you know where castle are," she remembers Feek telling her. "And since your hope is in the Lord, you understand you'll be with them again. So now you will look forward to the day with good anticipation. You won't ever fear fatality again. You will look front to it, due to the fact that you recognize where they are."

"And the was together a substantial gift," she says. "It reframed everything, the one little conversation, and also gave me the hope and something to look forward to. But while I'm here, I want to be as reliable as I deserve to as a mom, together a broadcaster, together a friend. And so I obtained to keep relocating forward."

The One love at a Time author and mother of 15 ("13 here and a couple in heaven," she explains) continues, "I can't avoid living just due to the fact that they did. I need to keep relocating forward to be the ideal person that I deserve to be. And also so that's what I carry out every day. Every work I give thanks to God the they're safe through him. Every day I give thanks to God the they're no hurting. That the boys are not in pain. The they're in paradise, and also that sooner or later we'll all be there."

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Delilah, who called into the podcast while on an RV road expedition with husband Paul Warner and four of she children, has been ~ above the air because that 48 years and also syndicated because that 25 of them. And she never ever tires of hearing from her legions of loyal listeners.

"I love finding out that they are. What urges them. Who they love, what their dreams are," she says of her loyal listeners and also callers. "And for this reason that natural curiosity is what urged the show. And so I'm always going to be this way. Ns was born this way."

So what's the an enig to acquiring your love story some air time through Delilah? "I don't want to hear 'Yeah, ns love him. He's the love of mine life. He's mine rock'," she says. "Anybody have the right to say that. I desire to recognize your story. Choose what make you autumn in love, or what is it around your husband after ~ 30 years the still makes you smile? silverlakestyle.com will call me and also I might hear the laugh in their voice when they talk about their beloved. And I recognize when i hear that warmth smile, the there is joy and also there is the significance of actual love ... A the majority of times, honestly, it's what girlfriend don't say the I'm listening to, as much what you perform say."

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