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Red hair, some can say, is a state of mind. ‘By-choice’ redheads might not have actually been born with organic red locks, but they exude the confidence and fiery personality to be a redhead.

Here room 7 celebrities that were born to have actually red hair:

Lucille Ball

Lucille round is the patron saint that redheads. While she might have appeared to it is in ditzy top top screen, Lucille round was one clever cookie. Creating Desilu Productions v her then husband Desi Arnaz, she to be responsible for developing television as we recognize it to be today. She also proved females were simply as capable behind the camera together they to be in front of the camera.

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Rita Hayworth

If Lucille round is the patron saint that redheads, Rita Hayworth is the goddess. Born in Brooklyn in 1918 come a Spanish father and also an Irish-English mother, Hayworth’s most famous role was the title role in the 1946Gilda. Her character’s lengthy red curls and also strapless black dress have set the traditional for fashion ever since. While plenty of have tried come emulate the look, it can never be duplicated.

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Debra Messing

Best known for play Grace Adler ~ above the NBC sitcom Will and also Grace and also presently playing Laura Diamond top top the Mysteries of Laura, Debra Messing’s red hair has end up being her trademark. Relocating seamlessly in between laugh the end loud comedy and heart-stoppingdrama, Debra Messing is the organic heir to Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett.

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Emma Stone


Emma stone has achieved career milestones numerous aspiring performers have the right to only dream of. A organic blonde, Emma rock returned to she roots once she played blonde Gwen Stacey in the recent Spider Man reboot. Her perform of costars has Catherine Keener, other redhead Julianne Moore, Ryan Gosling, Michael Keaton and also Bradley Cooper.

Christina Hendricks


At the period of 10, Christina Hendricks was influenced to dye she hair red after reading anne Of environment-friendly Gables. Retaining she red locks since then, she played the smart, curvaceous redheaded Joan on the recently ended Mad Men. If some can argue since she is no natural, she cannot speak because that born redheads, I, however, would say she can.

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Amy Adams


If over there is a show who has used she red hair to development her career, the is Amy Adams. A born blonde, Amy Adams has actually played a selection of characters from an man Disney princess, who has actually to change to the real world (Enchanted), a classic comic publication character (Lois lane in the recent superman reboot) and also a con artist (American Hustle). In her early on 40’s, she career is just gaining started.

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Eleanor Tomlinson


Eleanor Tomlinson has actually played a variety of characters with a variety of hair colour in she so far short career. Her current function is the of Demelza in the brothers miniseries Poldark. Demelza’s temperament, intelligence and also loyalty can only it is in topped through a mane the red curls refused to be tamed. Retaining her character’s red hair in in between filming, that is tough to think that she was not born with that color.