In 2011, media outlets to be abuzz v headlines like "Daytime Shakeup" and "Death of Soap Opera." Celebrity chefs had become rock stars in the brand-new millennium, and TV networks were itching to develop in new food/lifestyle shows. The Chew was one of the reflects aimed in ~ shaking increase daytime television, and also it did so successfully for 7 seasons.

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At the time, The Washington Post  compared it to The View, yet The Chew was an ext about food combined in through good-natured gab, and included much less politics and news that the work chatter indigenous the start. The present would prove to it is in a hit, winning Daytime Emmys in 2015 and 2016, and building increase a legion of loyal fans. As renowned as The Chew was with its five hosts because that a number of years, all was not ideal in the kitchen, and also ABC at some point grew tired of the recipe, cancelling that in summer 2018.

So what happened to placed The Chew top top the chopping block? Well, there room a variety of possible culprits that caused its demise. Here"s the story behind The Chew"s cancellation, and what happened after its goose was cooked.

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Television networks room constantly retooling their programming schedules and also some simply loss through the crack in donate of other shows. One very feasible reason that The Chew was moved out of the programming schedule to be to make method for an ext time devoted to the network"s Good Morning America format.

According come Deadline, alphabet was looking to store up through NBC"s four-hour block the Today Show coverage, and also expanding GMA to be a cheaper method to do it. Production prices for both reflects isn"t publicly information, yet Chew co-host, Carla Hall seemed to agree that production expenses were a factor.

To abc president, Ben Sherwood, it was the ideal move, despite a "bittersweet" one since it intended the cancellation of the popular food program. "We think there is an excellent opportunity because that viewers and advertisers in widening to a 3rd hour," Sherwood said of beefing increase GMA. by the end of the summer, The Chew was out and also GMA Day was on the air. In numerous markets, the brand-new GMA hour aired in the afternoon—three hrs after the morning display ended—which is the factor for the new name for the additional hour.

If a TV present starts come dip in ratings it deserve to be a fatality sentence. In spite of the love indigenous fans that poured in after ~ The Chew"s cancellation, the numbers just weren"t what they used to be.

The Chew"s last season to be still pulling in 2.425 million viewers, but it was a on slide of 3 percent indigenous 2.508 during its ahead season. That could not seem choose much, yet that was simply one slice of the ratings pie. Amongst its key audience of females 18-49, ratings had dipped 13 percent. .

Then again, the people of television is various than it was once the show first premiered. Now human being can watch your favorite shows whenever castle want through streaming. So how much weight execute ratings also carry? no much, follow to Hall, that feels ratings weren"t the deal-breaker.

"They look in ~ it on your devices, and there are no metrics for that," room said. "It looks choose everybody"s numbers room down, and it"s because nobody"s home and also has meeting television."

That could be partially true, but it"s probably safe to assume if a display was dead last v Nielsen"s ratings, it most likely wasn"t number one in streaming.

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Mario Batali to be the many recognizable confront when The Chew debuted in 2011, and he remained with the regime until December 2017. When many women came forward and accused the celebrity chef of sex-related misconduct over several decades, alphabet announced that it had actually terminated its connection with him. (No charges were eventually filed).

Having her most famous co-host abruptly leave the display following other like feasible sexual assault is never a great thing. To her credit, Carla Hall said that herself and also her co-stars remained positive around the change. "You know, things take place in life and also so we just make lemonade," room said. "We just get in there and we"re in that together."

Initially, Batali"s departure didn"t reason a ratings plummet either. In the week before the accusations came out, the show"s season seven-day averages were 319,000 women 18-49. Complying with his leaving they were about 320,000 viewers.

That"s not to say that Batali"s leave didn"t pains The Chew. When he left the show, ABC basically lost the 6 years worth of episodes the they could use as reruns. This additionally meant that earlier seasons of the display probably wouldn"t be marketed to other cooking channels or be shown on abc Family.

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Daytime talk reflects seem to mix up their co-hosts top top a continual basis, yet The Chew"s actors remained continuous from 2011-2017. In august 2017, just prior to Batali"s departure, longtime cast member Daphne Oz stated goodbye after 6 seasons.

abcthechew crew, and also I am honored to always be a component of this wild family of 5!" Oz said on Instagram.

Oz stated she left the present to emphasis on her brand-new baby and also being a mother to her other young children. Fans can only speculate whether Oz felt the show"s time to be winding down, however her absence, along with Batali"s shortly after, certainly readjusted the dynamic of the show. "Nobody can hide," hall said. "With three people, you really can"t say, "Okay, those four will take care of it.""

Creator and executive producer that the show, Gordon Elliott claimed of Oz that the "moment she sat at the table with Mario, Clinton, Michael and Carla, ns knew we had actually a good television show." The Chew was never ever the exact same after she left.

Learning the the seventh season that The Chew would certainly be its last wasn"t simple for the cast. Carla Hall stated that ABC notified everyone on the show"s crew after ~ a Wednesday taping. "It"s harsh, and also it"s hard, but I gain it" she said.

The co-hosts didn"t hide the truth that lock wouldn"t be ago for an eighth season, and co-host Clinton Kelly notified the in-studio audience their show was comes to an end throughout one that the last tapings.

"The atmosphere is a tiny sad roughly here come be honest with you," Kelly said. "There is a many of world who job-related really difficult on this show and really think in this show and also we"re all going to miss out on this display very, an extremely much."

Co-host Michael Symon said, "It has actually been the many fun i have ever had in mine life of any type of job ns have ever had and it"s due to the fact that of the fans."

Clearly the appreciation was mutual by the fans who invited the actors with high-fives and a stand ovation for The Chew"s final taping.

It"s nice cool that in this day and age if your favorite present gets cancelled you can just have actually a shot at getting it ago if you get enough civilization to cry around it with you. (Hey, it worked for Brooklyn nine Nine and The Mindy Project.) fans did their ideal to develop a groundswell for bringing The Chew back after its run had actually the plug pulled. Through the beginning of July, a petition urging abc to lug it ago to television was up and also collecting signatures.

The petition argued that the show "teaches life an abilities and gives laughs and positivity in a civilization full the negativity." At the moment of this writing, it had actually 6,488 signatures the end of the 7,000 goal.

While the petition hasn"t to be successful enough to revive the present yet, fans were treated come a quick Chew reunion on social media. The three actors members gathered together for a live present on Instagram and Facebook in October 2018 to execute what else, yet cook, drink, and also chat for a bit. "Very excited to cave out v these 2 for a day!" Michael Symon said about seeing his co-stars again.

It may not have actually been a full fledged Chew revival, however it"s still far better than cold leftovers, right?

It would be understandable if the co-hosts native The Chew want a tiny time far from each various other after the show ended. After all, Carla hall did describe the show"s finishing as a "living funeral." That"s not been the case for the three co-hosts/friends who have not only kept liven after the present ended, but stayed in touch through each various other as well.

Clinton Kelly confessed that they "text each various other all the time" in their very own special group chat top top the regular. In respectable of 2018, Michael Symon mutual via his Instagram that he was attending a dinner party with fellow Chew castmate Carla Hall. While Kelly could not have actually been tagged, we"re betting he to be there in spirit.

The cast seems come be keeping busy and also enjoying life post-Chew too. Michael Symon has his Mabel"s BBQ restaurant in Cleveland and brand-new Las las vegas locale to focus on, and also Carla room is out fostering a new soul food cookbook.

The Chew could have aired its last episode earlier in June of 2018, however ABC to be still to run reruns the the present in its regular time slot well into the summer.

The last kick right into the garbage deserve to came for The Chew once GMA Day do its 3rd hour debut top top September 10. Even then, fans easily saw a familiar challenge on the inaugural episode as soon as Carla Hall stopped by to perform a cooking segment. The Chew chef do a chicken and also wine recipe and also fans flipped in ~ the surprise appearance.

What was likely a strategic gesture of goodwill come appeal to pan of The Chew, the appearance clearly got the attention of Hall"s supporters. Fans required to social media to speak to for GMA Day to do Hall a constant on the program. "Best component of #GMADay,
carlahall food preparation segment!! " wrote one Twitter user.

Hall may not have end up being full-time member the the GMA Day cast, yet her illustration was popular for enough for her to return again much less than two weeks later.

Fans of The Chew were disappointed to view it go, but longtime loyalists that the daytime soap All my Children, eh, not so much. In fact, All my Children fans seemed to pleasure in the show"s demise and also took to Twitter with praise. "See ya never ever The Chew! Bring back All mine Children," tweeted one user. So where did this hate come from?

Well, the long-running soap came to an end in 2011 to make room for The Chew. Needless come say, fans were still bitter 7 years later, with some also calling The Chew"s cancellation karma and payback for bumping AMC off the wait after 41 years.

Oddly enough, GMA seemed to be getting blowback from some Chew fans on Twitter the mirrored the feeling of AMC fans. "...we don"t need an additional hour that fake news we require a great show choose The Chew in this world...," tweeted one viewer.

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Carla Hall claimed in 2011 she construed the frustration from the soap"s fans, and also she look at it also more clearly now. She doesn"t blame GMA, yet understands how fans of her present feel. "Now I"m top top both political parties of that," hall said.