Don’t settle what ain’t broken! Rhea Perlman and her estranged husband, Danny DeVito, may have parted ways, but they’re still legally married, and also Perlman has actually no intentionally of an altering her connection status.

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“We’re be separate … however I’m not getting a divorce,” she explained to Whoopi Goldberg while showing up alongside the Sister Act star, 63, ~ above Watch What happens Live v Andy Cohen on Thursday, might 9.


Rhea Perlman on watch What wake up Live through Andy Cohen. Bravo

When hold Andy Cohen inquired as to why the Poms star, 71, wouldn’t make their separation legal, she replied, “What for? We perform live separately. Yet we see each various other a lot!”

In fact, Perlman claimed her partnership with the Dumbo gibbs is better than it was in the last five years of their marriage. “It’s much far better because every one of the tense stuff is gone, it’s no in her face, I’m no in his, he’s no in mine,” she quipped.

While the Cheers alum recognized there was a transitional period for their kids, Lucy, 35, Grace, 34, and also Jake, 31, complying with their split, she said that everyone gets along just fine these days. “Everybody’s got a good relationship with Danny and also with me and with every other and also that’s all we treatment about.”


Rhea Perlman and also Danny DeVito to visit the Tribeca movie Festival Shorts: new York now at Regal Battery Park Cinemas on April 15, 2016 in brand-new York City. Robin Marchant/Getty pictures for Tribeca film Festival

The discussion came about after a caller inquired around how the previous flames managed to stay such great friends in spite of their breakup. “Danny and also I have always loved each other,” Perlman said, adding, “We have three amazing kids together, and we really agree on practically everything important. … we were with each other for 40 years, 40 years is a lengthy time.”

It’s not the an initial time the actress has voiced she distaste because that divorce: She told the New York Post in in march 2018 that she had no attention in going through the process. “We’ve been with each other a an extremely long time, therefore there’s a the majority of love and also history,” she said at the time. “We agree on sufficient things, for this reason why that through the yucky points that come through a divorce?”

Us Weekly an initial reported the the pair were going your separate methods in October 2012. Despite they to be “working on” a reconciliation later that year, they referred to as things turn off again in march 2017.

The twosome met in 1971, as soon as Perlman went to check out a friend in a stage production of the Shrinking Bride, i beg your pardon DeVito additionally starred in. The Matilda costars bound the node 11 years later on in January 1982.

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