July 18 is National ice Cream Day and businesses throughout the nation are celebrating with specials, discounts, free scoops and contests.

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Ice Cream Day ended up being an official food holiday in 1984 once President Ronald Reagan declared the third Sunday that July as nationwide Ice Cream Day and the month the July as national Ice Cream Month.

Reagan’s proclamation provided the ice cream industry created $3.5 exchange rate in yearly sales. 

The made-up food holiday comes after national French fry Day Tuesday and also National Mac & Cheese job Wednesday however contests come win cost-free fries indigenous McDonald’s and free Panera macaroni and also cheese are still up because that grabs.


According to a survey from the Tillamook ar Creamery Association, a dairy co-op, 82% of Americans’ favourite sweet treat is ice cream cream.

Sensitivity toothpaste brand Sensodyne, i beg your pardon is holding an ice Cream day contest, discovered in its inspection that the average American plans to eat 39 scoops of ice cream cream through the finish of this summer. Much more than half (52%) prefer soft ice cream to difficult ice cream (30%), the survey found.

Looking because that another cost-free frozen treat? If friend haven"t currently had a free Slurpee in ~ 7-Eleven this month, you can still take one through July 31. 

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Ice Cream job deals, freebies

Here space discounts and offers available Sunday, July 18, in ~ participating locations, unless otherwise noted. Offers deserve to vary and also most time are available while supplies last. To it is in on the safe side, always check through your closest location before heading out. Also, some will require you to have a restaurant"s application or be signed up for emails.

Skoops ice Cream: On Sunday, Skoops will be giving out free small hat to army veterans and energetic service members. The ice-cream shop will also be celebrating Chirstmas in July later on this week. 

On July 25, Skoops will certainly be decorated in Christmas attire and bring earlier its December menu for a day. Owner terry Rastetter stated the store will be decorated inside and out, and there will certainly be part special spices available. 

7-Eleven: Members the the convenience store chain"s commitment program get a free Slurpee anytime in July. One per customer.

Alden"s Organic: discover a $1 off coupon on the brand marketed in 10,000 shop on the this firm website with July 31.

Baskin-Robbins: v a $10 or much more purchase Sunday, get free ice cream-scented Kinetic Sand in cacao mint or strawberry banana scents. Also from Sunday with July 24, gain $5 off delivery orders that $20 or much more from Uber Eats, DoorDash or Postmates.

Blue Bunny: The brand will open $1,000 tabs native Sunday v July 25 in ~ 20 parlors that entered for “The heart of Fun” contest. The selected parlors and also schedule will certainly be post at BlueBunny.com Sunday.

Breyers: The brand is giving “Cookie Coverage” ~ above its cookie & Cream ice cream at CookieCoverage.com. At the site, get a $2 coupon for half off a bathtub and "an main insurance certificate that provides protection on your tub’s cookies & cream goodness." The brand says if you"re "not totally satisfied through the cookie to cream ratio in Breyers to update recipe, the next tub’s ~ above us." border one complimentary product coupon and also one $2 coupon per person.

Bubbies ice cream Cream: with the Ibotta application at entirety Foods Market, acquire a buy-one-get-one totally free deal top top the brand"s individually-wrapped Mochi ice cream Cream. Shoppers will get $2 cash ago through Ibotta with Aug. 6.

Burger King: Get a cost-free vanilla soft offer cup or cone with $1 purchase and also an offer from the chain. Discover deals top top the app and at Bk.com/offers.

Carvel: acquisition a new limited-time Churro-flavored product Sunday and get a "special offer card" through a surprise market that deserve to be redeemed v Aug. 30. Surprise offers incorporate BOGO deals, freebies and also discounts. Get in for a chance to win free ice cream for a year at Carvel.com/icecreamday. Carvel also has a printable coupon to usage on ice cream cream cakes sold in grocery stores.

Cumberland Farms: because that a restricted time, get the brand"s brand-new Ultimate Scoop Crème Brulee Crunch for $3.99, i beg your pardon is $1.50 turn off the continual price.

Dairy Queen: Participating DQ shop nationwide are offering $1 off any kind of size Dipped Cone with the chain"s mobile app, excluding kid cones. One deal per customer.

DoorDash: Order from The ice Cream Shop on DoorDash Sunday and get a free pint of ice cream cream ~ above orders an ext than $20. To qualify, include any pint of ice cream to her grocery or convenience keep order an ext than $20 and use promo code ICECREAM at checkout.

Friendly’s: The chain is providing away free Fribble for members the its Sweet Rewards regimen Sunday with July 31. Client that sign up with the commitment program will likewise get a totally free medium sundae as soon as they download the mobile app or register virtual at FriendlysRestaurants.com.

Gopuff: Through Sunday, get two Ben & Jerry"s and also Talenti pints for $8 with the on-demand convenience delivery service. Deals will certainly be applied automatically.

Ibotta: The cashback application has numerous ice cream rebates for nationwide Ice Cream work from brands including Yasso, Blue Bunny and Halo Top. Additionally for a minimal time get cost-free school supplies.

Insomnia Cookies: with Sunday, acquire a complimentary scoop of ice cream with any kind of purchase in-store or virtual for distribution with code ICECREAMDAY.

Killer Creamery: v July 31, the creamery"s products will it is in on sale at Albertsons service providers stores. Supplies vary through location.

Marble Slab Creamery: Slab Happy Rewards members gain BOGO regular ice cream for ice cream Cream Day. The chain additionally has a coupon because that $5 off ice cream cream kits v July 31 through code ICECREAM5.

McDonald"s: Check the fast-food chain"s application for coupons and freebies. And with the new rewards regimen after making your very first purchase you will have sufficient points to get a complimentary cone.

Meijer: Starting Sunday and also through July 24, the retailer is offering its mPerks rewards routine 50% off one pint of purple Cow ice cream cream. To acquire the discount, customers deserve to download the mPerks app, easily accessible for iOS and Android.

Yogurtland: Members the the chain"s Real Rewards program get three time the point out Sunday because that in-stores and online orders.

More deals: Locally own businesses and regional chains likewise may have actually specials for ice cream Cream Day. One of the easiest methods to find out is to check restaurants" society media channels.

Ice Cream work contests

My/Mochi: For national Ice Cream Month, the brand is offering away free mochi ice cream through its "Mmm Face" campaign, which obstacles fans to short article photos of their confront biting right into My/Mochi. Short article to the brand"s social channels to gain a complimentary box and also you"ll likewise be gotten in in a sweepstakes for the possibility to win a one-year it is provided of My/Mochi. Use the hashtag #MyMochiMmmface and also tag

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PROOF Alcohol ice cream Cream: go into for a chance to win complimentary ice cream through its dispute "Weekend Adventures + PROOF." tag
proofalcoholicecream in your article of her summer adventures and use #weekendadventure come be gotten in to victory a four-pint party load of the ice cream. 

Sensodyne: The sensitivity toothpaste brand is hosting a "Live Every Mo-Mint" sweepstakes on Twitter whereby participants have the right to win one of 750 kits v mint ice cream cream, toothpaste and more that are available with same-day delivery. Yet not everyone can go into as the sweepstakes is just for brand-new York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, san Francisco and also Philadelphia. Learn much more at Liveeverymomint.fooji.com. 

Snickers ice cream Cream: Through Sunday, the Mars Wrigley brand is dropping a restricted number of exclusive "Vacci-cation & Chill" kits through a contest. Get in for a opportunity to win among 50 kit at ChillwithSnickers.com. The kits, valued at $350, include a premium cooler, wireless speaker, coast towel, pool float and Snickers ice cream Cream.