I’ve been enjoying crystal Light but I only freshly noticed the it has aspartame.

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I want to drink a zero-calorie fruit iced tea drink mix powder without aspartame.

So, ns looked around for an alternative, and here’s what ns found.

True Lemon Water Enhancers space a good alternative to decision Light and do not contain aspartame.

True Lemon Water Enhancer is sweetened with stevia i m sorry is a tiny plant that grows favor a small herb bush.

The juice is 150 time sweeter 보다 sugar and also contains zero calories.

In this article, i will describe whether crystal Light has aspartame in it, what man-made sweetener is used in crystal Light, even if it is True Lemon is better than decision Light, and whether decision Light is as poor as diet soda.

Does All crystal Light have Aspartame in It?


Crystal irradiate is a well-known drink mix the comes in separation, personal, instance sachets, is easy to make, and also has zero sugar.

However, is that sweetened v aspartame?

Crystal irradiate does save on computer aspartame.

Aspartame is the main sweetener offered in crystal Light to replace sugar.

However, they sell 4 different flavors, and also the Blackberry Lemonbabe drink mix does no contain aspartame and instead is sweetened v sucralose.

Here’s a table that shows every one of their drink mix flavors, and also whether they contain aspartame or not:

Crystal irradiate FlavorDoes that contain aspartame?
Blackberry LemonbabeNo
Pomegranate environment-friendly TeaYes
Peach Mango eco-friendly TeaYes
Sugar totally free LemonadeYes

As you have the right to see, all of the drink mixes that crystal Light makes various other than your Blackberry Lemonbabe save aspartame.


The nutritional label on part drinks includes a bunch of various chemicals, and it’s not constantly obvious what they are, and what castle do.

So, I’m curious around what synthetic sweeteners are used in decision Light.

The synthetic sweetener offered in crystal Light is aspartame.

However, decision Light sells 4 different flavors of their drink mix.

One of your flavors, the Blackberry Lemonbabe is sweetened through sucralose instead of aspartame.

There space a variety of other interesting ingredients in crystal Light that to me looked like fabricated sweeteners, however, they are offered to preserve the powder, such together acacia gum, and also sucralose acetate isobutyrate (soaib).

Here’s a complete list that the ingredients of one of their drink powders that consists of aspartame:

Crystal light Pomegranate eco-friendly Tea ingredients:

MaltodextrinCitric AcidInstant eco-friendly TeaMalic AcidAspartame*Acesulfame PotassiumContains less Than 2% Of organic FlavorAscorbic acid (Vitamin C)Magnesium OxideRed 40Blue 1

*Phenylketonurics: has Phenylalanine

My in its entirety impression that the ingredient in decision Light is that most of them room artificial and also it includes no natural flavors or sweeteners.

That isn’t necessarily a poor thing though, together I’ll sheathe in the topic about whether crystal Light is better than diet soda.

However, they space a great option if you’re trying to reduced down on her calorie intake.

However, many people prefer a an ext all-natural choice such together True Lemon’s drink mix powders.

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Is crystal Light As bad as Diet Soda?


Since both crystal Light and also diet soda room sugar free, you may be curious around whether one is much better than the other.

Aspartame has actually been understood safe by Cancer.org, as well as, the FDA.

Coca Cola is the largest producer that sodas in the USA, and sells twin the sodas of the second biggest company PepsiCo.

They say the in your diet sodas they usage aspartame, however, they likewise offer diet sodas sweetened through Splenda.

Splenda is a sucralose based artificial sweetener.

So, whether a diet soda consists of aspartame, Splenda or some other man-made sweetener depends on the separation, personal, instance diet soda brand.

However, both Splenda and also aspartame have been reputed safe for consumption.

The significant drawback is the they are greatly processed entailing a facility set of chemistry reactions.

And some human being prefer to consume all-natural and also organic foods.

A good alternative come artificially sweetened drinks is to drink persons that space sweetened with stevia.

Stevia extract is a herbal juice that is ridiculously sweeter than sugar.

But, it likewise has zero calories.

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True Lemon is the all-natural tantamount of crystal Light, but is it better than decision Light?

(source: link)

Some people have concerns about consuming aspartame, and also therefore, True Lemon is a far better option because that them as well.

True Lemon selling a range of spices which are:

True Lemon initial LemonadeTrue Lemon Raspberry LemonadeTrue Lime Watermelon LimeadeTrue Lemon Peach Iced Tea

All that them space sweetened with stevia extract, i beg your pardon is the juice the the stevia plant. Stevia is indigenous to south America and also grows a small bush, with environment-friendly leaves about the dimension of your small finger.

If you to compare a teaspoon of street to a teaspoon of stevia extract, the stevia is 200 times sweeter 보다 the sugar.

Doing some turbulent math, you would use about 0.05% the the amount of stevia, contrasted to street to obtain the same sweetening power.

On optimal of the True Lemon drink, combined flavors save on computer all-natural ingredients.

And you can make it just as conveniently as crystal Light.

You can include hot or cold water, and also make it as solid or weak together you favor for a delicious warm or cold beverage.

On top of that, you can add other ingredient to it simply as fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice.

You can additionally mix the with about ¼ the a cup the water and use it as a soda syrup.

To do your very own soda include a glass that soda water. It can additionally be used as a snow cone or shaved ice syrup.

Is utilizing Crystal Light negative for You?


Because crystal Light contains aspartame and also other man-made flavors it’s understandable the it might not it is in that an excellent for you, however, is it safe to drink decision Light?

As a general rule, decision Light is not negative for friend in moderation.

Provided you don’t drink more than one or 2 glasses of that today and balance it the end with other drinks the don’t contain synthetic sweeteners such together fruit juice, tea, coffee, water, or vegetables juice.

It’s typically not a great idea come consume diet sodas and crystal irradiate on the very same day, together it will give you a huge dose the aspartame.

A normally sweetened soda includes sugar.

The amount of street in soda means you must only drink one to two cups of it every day.

Otherwise, you will be spend too lot sugar.

When you perform that repeatedly it leads to long-term an adverse health impacts such as kind 2 diabetes.

Therefore, it’s safe to assume the the sweetener in crystal light is similar to the level of sugar offered in sugar-sweetened sodas like Coca Cola Classic, and Pepsi.

So, crystal Light isn’t bad for you provided you don’t drink too lot of it.

You might for example drink crystal Light one day, and drink diet soda the next day.

There have actually as yet been no irreversible studies right into the results of consuming a high lot of aspartame or other artificial sweeteners every day.

So, in my opinion, it’s best to err ~ above the side of caution and also balance it out by consuming it in moderation. And not drinking just Crystal Light rather of water.

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Does the Still Count together Water if I put Crystal light in It?


You’ve most likely heard the old adage “make certain you drink 8 glasses that water a day”.

And that is recommended by nutritionists and medical professionals.

But, if you include Crystal light to water does it count together 1 of your eight glasses that water?

(source: link)

However, much like sodas, you must not drink them specifically instead of water due to the fact that of the high sugar content.

Similarly, girlfriend shouldn’t consume crystal Light solely as it has levels of man-made sweetener that space the exact same strength together sugar.

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And therefore, because it’s an fabricated chemical, the long-term results of spend a high lot of it aren’t yet known.