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When it comes to selling points you no much longer need, Craigslist is the go-to ar for plenty of people. Yet we’ve all heard the horror stories about Craigslist. It’s a reason why plenty of local police departments let you conduct transactions in their facilities.

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Before you sell anything, usage eBay to come up with a ballpark value. You can be surprised how much old technology is worth. Madness or click here for old tech in your residence right now that’s worth big bucks.

Here room a few tips to safeguard yourself indigenous fraud (online and also in-person) or physics harm:

Do no accept personal checks or money orders. These deserve to be canceled before they’re handed come you.If you must ship an expensive item, request “proof of delivery” from the shipping company. If it’s really pricey, obtain the insurance.ALWAYS meet in a publicly place. If you must meet a buyer at your house, move the items come the garage or outdoors therefore the buyer has actually no factor to go into your home. 

Now, let’s gain selling!

1. Facebook Marketplace

If you’re looking for a wide audience to hawk your wares, you can’t beat Facebook. The social media behemoth provides the free Facebook Marketplace, which provides it easy to reach people in your area interested in what you selling.

You deserve to sell just around anything on on facebook Marketplace, including gadgets, gifts, household items and even houses. As soon as you upload images of her items, select your place to reach potential buyers in her area and also communicate via on facebook Messenger.

Before friend dive in, be sure your Facebook defense settings are set to your liking. Tap or click right here for the ones i recommend girlfriend change.

2. OfferUp

Skip the all-day garden sale and also list your stuff within 30 seconds (so cases its creators) ~ above OfferUp. This free-to-use app is appropriate for sellers looking for buyers in their neighborhood community. Communication in between the parties on OfferUp takes location through the app via secure messaging.

If you want to expand your range, OfferUp allows you come sell locally or nationwide. Because that a local sale, you collection cash in person. For items that need to be shipped, payments space made through the app.

3. EBay

This year eBay celebrates 25 years of online buying and selling. Because that its 180+ million members, eBay is a great place come unload big-ticket items. Tap or click below for a secret to help you earn height dollar.

It’s additionally the perfect location for wacky, unusual and … questionable products. Just how crazy space some listings?

The list is extensive and also includes ad room on a guy’s forehead, which carried in $37,375 in 2005, a bus-sized barbeque pit that marketed for $350,000 in 2015 and also a claimed 10-year-old grilled cheese sandwich encrusted with a portrait that the Virgin Mary back in 2004, which raked in $28,000.

Regardless that whether her items space every job or off-the-wall, there room two ways to offer on eBay: via auction or fixed-price listings. Both approaches come with fees and all payment go with PayPal. Madness or click to learn just how you deserve to avoid making a large mistake once selling her old phone on eBay.

4. Letgo

Letgo is a totally free selling app, one easy-to-use application also an excellent for local sales. Categories incorporate used toys, housing and pre-owned vehicles. Simply upload a photograph of your item and administer details choose description and also condition. Indigenous the information you enter, Letgo will generate a product title.

Contact between buyers and sellers happens via one in-app messaging system. When you agree upon a price, a meetup is compelled to complete the transaction. Payment deserve to be made either in person or v PayPal. Letgo also offers girlfriend the alternative to “feature” your item for a little fee.

Tap or click to download LetGo.

5. Mercari

No meetups required with this selling app because all items ship. Mercari enables you to list as numerous items as you want with zero listing fees. Those the catch? that does fee a level 10 percent marketing fee as soon as your article sells.

Buyers have the right to either buy her item at her asking price or sell you an amount they room willing come pay. Any type of time girlfriend sell an item on Mercari, even if it is it be provided or market price, girlfriend will need to wait to obtain paid (into her Mercari application account) until your buyer receives the item, leaves feedback because that you and also you leaving feedback because that them.

If you have a balance, you have the right to transfer money from the app directly come your bank account, which have the right to take a couple of more days. Return this requires a bit of patience, there are no fees because that transfers.

6. Decluttr

Maybe your clutter consists of CDs, DVDs, games, books and also tech. If so, Decluttr is the best application for selling your stuff. No photos, no listings, no wait for a buyer.

To sell with Decluttr, enter information, such together your tech’s model number, and if it’s a CD, DVD, video game or book. Climate scan its barcode making use of the app’s built-in scanner to instantly get a valuation.

If you accept, pack up your items in a box, slap on the free pre-paid label and ship. Once Decluttr receives and also processes her items, you will be paid the following day. The company pays via PayPal, straight deposit or check. Or you can choose to donate your payment come charity.

Tap or click below to use DeCluttr.

7. ThredUP

Considered the largest online consignment and also thrift store, thredUp can aid you bag some major bucks for provided women’s clothing, shoes, accessories and also jewelry, and kids’ clothing and also shoes.

There room two methods to offload her items ~ above thredUP: stimulate the conventional cleanout kit (you get paid) or donation cleanout (charity gets paid). You to fill up the kit v gently-used items and ship it back. Climate thredUP lists your items and also sends them come buyers.

Fees execute exist for options that encompass processing your clothes within one week ($16.00), returning any unwanted items to you ($10.99) and a pre-paid return shipping brand ($1.99).

Payouts can selection from 5 percent to 80 percent for directly purchased items and also 20 percent come 95 percent because that consignment goods. Pay options include PayPal, a Visa prepaid map or to buy credit.

Tap or click below to download thredUP.

8. Nextdoor

If you don’t desire the problem of shipping your stuff, sell it top top Nextdoor. This neighborhood app allows you to article a listing because that items you great to offer or provide away. Upload a photo and select a category, price or free, description and title.

If you use Nextdoor to store tabs on her neighborhood, beware. These are a few things girlfriend should know to safeguard yourself native creeps, bullies and also snoops. Tap or click below to see precisely what you need to do.

Promotional options for Nextdoor incorporate posting to a more comprehensive local area, which enables you come reach nearby neighborhoods and an increase your item (if that hasn’t sold within 48 hours) v a discount. This second option will certainly further assist you access a more comprehensive audience.

Once you have a buyer and agree ~ above a price, you have to arrange because that a meetup and payment. There are no payment methods accessible through Nextdoor.

Now you have actually all the tools you require to remove all the clutter. There’s nothing avoiding you from cleaning the end your home and making part money in the process.

After year of struggle against the robocall menace, we’ve make startlingly tiny progress. Day after day, we’re bombarded v annoying call calls.

How deserve to you prevent them? Well, when the authorities fail to resolve the crisis, leaving it to the personal sector to construct other tools to help in the fight.

As lot promise together these apps seem to show, none can provide the people what they really want: a shot in ~ revenge. Thankfully, a brand-new app is being arisen that not just blocks robocalls, but additionally gives you a chance to sue them because that cold difficult cash.

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