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Costa Rica is a sky of gorgeous beaches, lush rainforests, and a uniquely pura vida lifestyle. Costa Rica’s high season sees over a million tourists from the US, Canada, and Europe seek relaxation and adventure. But, just how safe is Costa Rica?

Planning a Trip during COVID?

keep in mind that information found in this article may have actually been influenced by take trip restrictions and also other closures. Double check opened hours, tourism providers and also hotel status before you go. And don"t leave your residence without travel insurance! If friend are trying to find an insurance provider that covers COVID-19, us recommend SafetyWing. Gain Medical and Travel Insurance starting at simply $40/month and you can sign up also if your expedition has already started!

Generally speaking, Costa Rica is safe for tourists and an overall an excellent eco-tourism destination. Costa Rica has actually no military and ranks #39 in the human being on the 2021 global Peace Index. This provides it the most peaceful nation in central America v low violent crime and also virtually no political instability.

With the lowest homicide rate in Latin America, the most usual crime tourists face is petty theft. The said, threats in Costa Rica are not non-existent so friend should constantly be responsibility of her surroundings.

After spending several years living in Costa Rica and traveling throughout the country, below are our optimal tips and advice because that safe take trip in Costa Rica.


Public transport Safety

When riding publicly transport, never leave your belongings unattended and always pay attention. Specifically on buses in mountain José and also even at the bus station itself. There are plenty of long-range buses in between towns that space convenient yet can often be uncomfortable. They’re generally hot and also packed through no AC but still serve as a good low-cost travel alternative. Namely, Alfaro is the best and also Tralapa is a decent choice too. We often take this to and also from Guanacaste from san Jose.

Bus stations and also buses are generally safe during the day, and also if you space travelling in a group, they are largely fine at night together well. Solo travelers should stick to daytime travel and also females should be particularly cautious if traveling on their own.

What to perform in an Emergency in Costa Rica

If over there is an emergency, call 911 immediately. They have English-speaking operators that will dispatch one ambulance. When the ambulance arrives, have them take it you to a private hospital.

Importance of take trip Insurance

Depending ~ above the situation, most medical emergencies will be covered under your take trip insurance.Buying insurance before your departure is an essential stepin planning your Costa Rican holiday.

Petty Theft

Petty theft is the most usual Costa Rica crime that affects visitors. It’s one of the safest countries yet robberies deserve to still occur anywhere, in cities, tiny towns, and even in her Airbnb. If friend are obtaining robbed, provide them your money and phone—it’snot worth obtaining hurt over $1000. Immediatelyreport the occurrence to the policestation and claim that on your insurance.

International Embassies in Costa Rica

If you require travel records or legal advice, contact your country’s embassy.

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US Embassy Costa Rica

Calle 98 Vía 104, PavasSan José, Costa RicaPhone:(506) 2519-2000Website

Canadian Embassy in Costa Rica

Behind the “Contraloría” in the Oficentro Ejecutivo La SabanaBuilding 5, 3rd floorSan José, Costa RicaPhone:(506) 2242-4400Website

UK Embassy in Costa Rica

Edificio Centro Colón,Paseo Colón and also Streets 38 and also 40Apartado 815 – 1007San José, Costa RicaPhone:(506) 2258-2025Website

All in all, Costa Rica is an amazing place and a safe country for any kind of traveler. Applying your great travel sense and avoiding dangerous situations is her ticket to a safe and also enjoyable visit.

Do friend have any kind of travel advice because that Costa Rica that us missed? allow us know your finest tips for travel security in Costa Rica in the comments below!