While Maury Povich and Connie Chung are top top the brink of celebrating 36 years of marital relationship come December, the road to "I do" wasn't specifically smooth sailing.

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In this week's issue of silverlakestyle.com, the groundbreaking anchorwoman opens up about the "embarrassing" factor she ultimately agreed to marry Povich after year of lot of proposals — and also it has everything to do with the wedding dress!

"We ping-ponged," Povich, 81, says of your six-year non-exclusive relationship. "When one want to gain serious, the various other one didn't. At one suggest I proposed come her, and she said, 'No, I'm not ready,' and then she inquiry me if I wanted to obtain married, and I said, 'No, I'm not ready.'"

"Finally, we went ~ above a pilgrimage to Italy in 1984," Povich says. "I proposed again, and also she said, 'No.' After getting home, i was life in D.C. And Connie in new York City at the time, and also she referred to as me and said, 'We can acquire married.' ns said, 'Really?' She said, 'Yes, due to the fact that I discovered a dress.'"



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As the couple celebrate your 42-year love story, they also share how humor has obtained them v the an excellent and poor times.

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"In 1969, ns was a copygirl at a small TV station in Washington, D.C. And he was a big star and I was just a kid," Chung recalls that her an initial interaction v Povich. "I would rip the wire copy off the machine and give it to Mr. Povich. He was an extremely gruff and very matter-of-fact. He never ever looked up. I retained thinking, 'Maybe someday he'll recognize that I'm a person being.' I functioned there for 2 years and then ns left to launch my career — and I left that in the dust."

"Several year later, after bouncing roughly the country from project to job, I finished up in Los Angeles by 1977, and also at the time, ns was the 2nd banana come Connie," claims Povich, who daytime talk show Maury is at this time in the 29th year. "Connie was the large anchor star at the CBS affiliate and also I was her co-act prior to they cleaned house. Since Connie to be the only human I actually knew in Los Angeles, I constantly said the way to acquire to Connie's love is first, she pities you, and also then she have the right to love you. She pitied the reality that i was fired."