Generation Opportunity’s Andrew Clark writes about how young world see socialism today: The U.S.S.R. Damaged up 25 years ago—ancient history for some.

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“A Gallup poll in June 2015 uncovered that nearly 70% of U.S. Millennials would be willing to poll for a socialist presidential candidate. Even an ext shocking, a vote conducted prior to this year’s presidential election by the victims of communism Memorial foundation found the barely fifty percent of millennials believe ‘Communism was or is a problem.’The exact same poll uncovered that a 4 minutes 1 of millennials host favorable opinions that Vladimir Lenin, if 18% think favorably that Mao Zedong. An ext than 10% even have optimistic feelings about Joseph Stalin.”



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Feb 28th, 2017

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communist is usually provided as a shorthand for any country ruled by a communist party and utilizing a collectivist (Maoist) or centrally planned (Stalinist) economy. Yet that isn’t communist in the initial definition- communist is an finish state the affairs the communist-led nations are building towards; there have, in this sense, never ever been any type of Communist countries, since Communism have the right to only exist after the means of production is complete- i.e., ~ the industrial base is emerged to the allude where the can meet all human needs. That, and under Communism, there will be no “countries”- this phase adheres to the final globalization of capital.
Karl Marx, The Communist Manifesto
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The contention that a stand army and navy is the finest security of peace is around as logical as the insurance claim that the most peaceful citizen is he that goes about heavily armed. The suffer of every-day life totally proves the the equipped individual is invariably worried to shot his strength.
Emma Goldman, Patriotism: A Menace come Liberty (1908)
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while ns on the topic.. Why perform anticommunists constantly do that point where they speak either“learn about background and friend wont assistance communism” or“get a job and you wont assistance communism” bc actually analysis about history and functioning at a shitty minimum wage task with a boss who was break a lot of of work laws is like.. What radicalized me

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Anti-Communists:“Communist federal governments are oppressive!”

Augusto Pinochet:“Tell me about it! That’s why ns jailed and killed thousands of Chileans so Chile will certainly be totally free from Communism!”

Anti-Communists:“Communism is the antithesis that freedom and liberty!”

CIA:“That’s why we supported dozens the coups against democratically chosen socialist governments and replaced them through dictators. Choose in Iran, Chile, perform goes on!”

Anti-Communists:“Communism goes versus God Himself!”

Pope john Paul II:“That’s why i strongly crusaded against Communism while whole heartedly ignoring farming accusations of son abuse within my very own Church.”

Pope man Paul II:“AND why ns told the Madres de la Plaza de mei to simply forgive the Junta that killed their households instead of seeking justice.”

The Vatican:“And why we stayed silent while said Junta was doing every the killings, even if the victims had some of our priests.”

Anti-Communists:“There has NEVER to be a legit Communist government! they all emerged from military coups!”

Anastasio Somoza Garcia:“Not prefer me, ns was legitimately elected!”

Mohammad Reza Shah:“I inherited the throne fair and also square!”

Anti-Communists:“Communism leader to poverty!”

Billions of negative people:“You don’t say?”

Anti-Communists:“Communist federal governments are an ext interested in keeping power 보다 helping their people!”

Ronald Reagan:“That’s why I raised the military budget plan to unseen level while skip the AIDS epidemic.”

Anti-Communists:“Communists always try to meddle in other country’s affairs!”

CIA:‘bursts the end laughing’

Margaret Thatcher:‘laughs louder’

Anti-Communists:“I am PROUD to oppose communism!”

Capitalist:“Good because that you! Now offer me your maximum job for minimal compensation, or STARVE come DEATH!”

Marx:“Wow…I don’t think they’ve check out my books…”