Colton Underwood made huge headlines throughout his time as The Bachelor for being a virgin. He has actually now been through Cassie Randolph for over a year and also is revealing if the is quiet the case. Colton has actually a brand-new book coming the end at the end of March offering all the details about his life and also journey to discover love. Be certain to check that out, however in the meantime, let’s find out much more about what is or isn’t walk on v Cassie.

Colton addresses if the is quiet a virgin

People addressed the question and here’s Colton’s answer. An initial of all, Colton is an extremely ready for people to move on and not worry around his virginity. Who deserve to blame him? And, he’s no the first Bachelor star who has had actually virginity follow them around. Ashley Iaconetti additionally got tons of fist for she abstinence choices.

So is Colton a virgin? that says, “If you have actually a sex life, you frequently never talk about it. People can take that however they want to at this point. However I’m respecting my values, and additionally the worths of Cassie, my family and also her family. We’re happy together. And people can assume whatever they want.”

Colton walk on to say, “I don’t want to be well-known as the virgin for the remainder of my life. Over there is so much more to me. And also I let my story be regulated for too long. Now, ns all around taking ownership.”

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His time on The Bachelor

Colton began his time with The Bachelor franchise during Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette. This was when fans an initial learned about Colton’s virginity. He climate went on Bachelor in Paradise before being called the lead Bachelor. 

Colton says, “My virginity ended up being my identification on the show. I encountered it, and I laugh at , but I’m a lot much more sensitive than civilization think. I might laugh points off, yet it was also like, ‘Let’s store this around finding love and not around getting me laid.’”

He go on to say, “It was a consistent battle the ‘I signed up for a TV show, and I’ll placed on a TV show,’ however it was also starting to wear top top me.” he revealed that resting in the very same bedroom as contestant Tayshia Adams do him feeling dirty. Colton said, “And I got to a point where i was like, ‘I can’t carry out this.’”

Of course everyone knows how his story ended on the show. He chased after Cassie Randolph and the two room still together, happy and in love. Colton said, “Everything happens because that a reason. Cassie and I room happy and that’s all that matters.”


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