Colton Underwood admits he mistreated his ex-girlfriend Cassie Randolph in his upcoming Netflix series, “Coming the end Colton” — which focuses on his endure coming out as gay.

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“I put a negative girl with hell the my own insecurities,” the previous “Bachelor” lead, 29, claims in the trailer, which dropped Monday.

Underwood determined Randolph, 26, as his Season 23 winner in late 2018, and the two ongoing dating until they announced their breakup in might 2020.

Randolph acquired a restraining order against Underwood in September of that year for allegedly stalking her. She reduce the order less than 2 months later.

The trailer teases the the former football player and his family members will discuss his post-breakup behavior and also the restraining order.

“Cassie filed a restraining order against you. You went off the rails,” Underwood’s dad, Scott, tells him in the clip.

Cassie Randolph reduce a restraining order versus Colton Underwood after getting to a personal agreement.Getty Images

Underwood himself then speak his mom, Donna, “I was starting to pains other people outside of simply myself.”

One that the fact star’s friends also sits down through him and also tells him, “What you placed her v was bulls–t,” look at referencing Randolph.

Underwood’s family and also friends call him out.Netflix

In an additional scene, the “Bachelorette” alum meets v a church official to talk about his comes out and also past actions.

“You want to sit down and apologize to make yourself feel better,” the official tells him. “The finest thing you deserve to do is confront up to what you’ve done and also find out who the hell friend are.”

The docuseries adheres to Underwood’s life both before and after the shocked Bachelor nation when he came out as gay in April. In ~ the time, Underwood apologized come Randolph.

“I would like to say i m really sorry for how things ended,” Underwood stated in a “Good Morning America” interview. “I messed up. Ns made a many of poor choices.”

Underwood determined Randolph as his winner, but the two never obtained engaged.Disney basic Entertainment Con

Underwood added that in spite of him gift gay, he yes, really did love her.

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“It make it much more confusing because that me. Ns loved everything about her,” the said. “I great that i would’ve to be courageous sufficient to fix myself before breaking anyone else.”

“Coming the end Colton”premieres Friday top top Netflix.