Colin Kaepernick will probably never pat in the National soccer League again. One knee throughout the national anthem of the 2016 season in protest of gyeongju injustice and also police brutality versus people of shade snowballed right into a highly political science league-wide movement and eventually a lawsuit versus the NFL.

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But the facts stay for the previous San Francisco 49ers quarterback: Kaepernick take it the 49ers to Super key XLVII against the Baltimore Ravens in 2012. That was taken into consideration one that the best beginning quarterbacks in the league and also signed a substantial contract that reflected that after the playoffs.

His 88.9 job passer rating ranks 29th all time ahead of many Hall of Famers (Dan Marino, Jim Kelly, Brett Favre, Troy Aikman) and also current NFL football player (Cam Newton, Jameis Winston, Nick Foles, Andy Dalton). That threw 72 touchdowns and 30 interceptions end his six-year NFL career, which is much less picks 보다 Winston threw in 2019 alone.

You could argue that prior to Kaepernick was preserved out the the league by NFL owner he to be on track because that a Hall-of-Fame football job himself, though we have the right to let Stephen A. Smith or Skip Bayless controversy that.

Despite having actually not play in the league due to the fact that 2017, the 34-year-old Kaepernick has built a sizable fortune from his play days with the 49ers, endorsement deals and a settlement with the NFL. He even has a Netflix show called “Colin in black & White.”

Let’s take it a closer look in ~ just precisely how he built his fortune.

NFL Contracts

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Born Colin edge Kaepernick come Heidi Russo, that was embraced by Rick and Teresa Kaepernick and moved come California in ~ a young age.

In enhancement to playing football, Kaepernick was a star baseball player at john H. Pitman High institution (Turlock, California), a sports he excelled in ~ so lot he was selected by the Chicago Cubs in the 2009 MLB Draft. That then became a four-year university football standout at the college of Nevada, Reno indigenous 2007-10. Twice he was called Western athletic Conference offensive Player the the Year.


The 49ers traded up through the Denver Broncos in the 2011 NFL Draft and selected the NCAA and also WAC star in the second round (36th overall).

Kaepernick’s rookie signing bonus was simply over $2.2 million, according come Spotrac, and he made about $43.5 million over six periods in san Francisco after acquisition over because that starter Alex Smith, that he initially served as back-up quarterback to.

Most of the money came from a seven-year, $126 million expansion he signed in June of 2014 following a NFC Championship game loss come the Seattle Seahawks that contained a guaranteed $61 million. It later on turned out the “guaranteed” money was only for injury.

He opted the end of the critical year that his contract in 2017 after ~ posting one the best statistical seasons of his job in 2016, in spite of the team walking 1-10 in his starts. Contrary to the beliefs of some, Kaepernick didn’t revolve down money. He choose out and also became a totally free agent since the 49ers to be going to cut him.

While the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, native hasn’t played in any kind of professional organization since, reports suggested he asked for a $20 million salary to play in the currently dead American Alliance that Football. Evaluate from the AAF’s jae won problems, it’s probably a great thing Kaepernick never signed v a team.


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Nike make Kaepernick the challenge of that is 30th anniversary “Just perform It” ad campaign in 2018 that consisted of an absolutely chilling commercial. Yet just just how much walk the activist take house from his resolve the world’s biggest sportswear brand?

Money.com took a look and also estimated it in ~ “millions that dollars” every year. When it’s hard to put an accurate figure ~ above Kaepernick’s deal, the publishing points out that Serena Williams and Odell Beckham Jr., who both starred in the ad, make between $5 million and $10 million every year as component of your deals.

Nike actually signed Kaepernick in 2011. However this transaction is virtually certainly a bigger scale one. Together Yahoo NFL reporter Charles Robinson reported, Nike is planning a whole branded line in Kaepernick’s name.

Kaepernick had actually other endorsement encounters Beats by Dre headphones, McDonald’s, Jaguar, electronic Arts and also MusclePharm. Moneynation.com claimed he was making $3 million every year in endorsements in ~ one point.

Lawsuit against The NFL

Colin Kaepernick and also Eric Reid ongoing their anthem protest tonight.

Other football player on both teams raised a fist. Pic.twitter.com/ARbyoQDwBP

— ESPN (
espn) September 13, 2016


Kaepernick filed a grievance against the NFL in 2017, accusing the league of blackballing that from the league since of his on-field protests. Kaepernick and also teammate Eric Reid’s collusion case versus the organization concluded in February of 2019, together the NFL paid an undisclosed lot to work out the case.

As the New York Times noted, Kaepernick didn’t post anything on social media following the settlement yet instead retweeted a statement from his lawyer.

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No one deserve to be sure other than those connected in the confidential case, yet many have speculated just how much the NFL paid Kaepernick. Bleacher Report‘s Mike Freeman report the settlement was between $60 and also $80 million, but later reports approximated thatfigure was less than $10 million.