Audiences can not have even noticed, yet Tom Hanks’ younger brother, Jim Hanks, has played 2 of his most well known characters. But the Hanks family’s authorized in Hollywood doesn’t end there. Hanks‘ wife, Rita Wilson, has appeared in numerous of his films. And the Oscar-winning actor also once played the on-screen dad to his real-life son, Colin Hanks.

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Tom Hanks looks at his son, Colin Hanks who poses because that the camera in ~ ‘The Terminal’ human being premiere | Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

What is Tom Hanks’ net worth?

Few Hollywood stars can compare to Hanks’ cultural impact. The actor has actually long been amongst the highest-paid and also most respect stars in the business. And also his network worth certainly reflects exactly how successful he’s been because that so long. According to Celebrity net Worth, Hanks currently sits comfortably at $400 million. His most recent projects encompass 2020’s Greyhound and News the the World.

But Hanks walk a lot much more than just act. The star and Wilson run Playtone, a production company that has operated in film, television, and music since the late 1990s. With this company, Hanks has actually co-produced hit movie such together My big Fat Greek Wedding and also Mamma Mia! yet he’s likewise had a hand in making plenty of films in i beg your pardon he has actually appeared, consisting of the one through his boy Colin.

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The actor played fictional father to his real-life son, Colin Hanks

In 2008’s The an excellent Buck Howard, Colin Hanks theatre an aspiring writer called Troy Gable, who becomes roadway manager to the titular illusionist (John Malkovich). In acquisition this position, troy must very first defy his father (Tom Hanks). Return the 2 don’t re-superstructure a ton of screen time, it’s still remarkable to see a star as huge as Tom Hanks play his own son’s father.

Despite greatly positive reviews, The good Buck Howard — which additionally co-stars Emily Blunt, Steve Zahn, and Griffin Dunne — received only a very limited theatrical release. Throughout its brief time in theaters, the movie earned just $900,689, follow to box Office Mojo. Yet, the remains notable for the on-screen collaboration in between Tom Hanks and also his son.

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Colin Hanks do his movie debut in an additional of Hanks’ movies

Technically, The great Buck Howard is not the only time Colin Hanks shows up in the very same movie as his more famous father. In fact, the made his movie debut as a male web page in 1996’s That point You Do! that movie — i beg your pardon chronicles the rise and also fall the a fictional pop music band in the 1960s — was Tom Hanks’ directorial attribute debut.

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Since then, Colin Hanks has amassed an exceptional resume. Over the years, several of his greatest movies incorporate Orange County, 2005’s King Kong remake, The residence Bunny, 2015’s Vacation reboot, and the last 2 Jumanji films. In addition, Hanks has showed up on TV series such together RoswellBand of BrothersDexterFargoThe great Guys, and Life in Pieces.