One that the most well-known shows on tv is background Channel’s Pawn Stars. Filmed completely in ras Vegas, Nevada, the show centers about a family-run pawn shop business, the people Famous gold & silver Pawn Shop, established in 1989.

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Throughout the food of an episode, viewers witness customers bringing in a wide variety of treasures and trinkets. From classic film and TV memorabilia to priceless historic artifacts, you never know what you might see.

The staff of the shop, owner stack Harrison, his son Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison, and also employee Austin “Chumlee” Russell work to verify the authenticity of every piece carried in and haggle with the client to secure some great deals and also fabulous finds.

How long has ‘Pawn Stars’ been on TV?

Pawn Stars premiered in 2009 and also was an instant hit. Viewers loved not just the fascinating memorabilia the customers would lug into the shop, but likewise the charismatic individualities of the men running the shop. Helmed by stack Harrison, the show additionally featured continuous appearances native his father, Richard “Old Man” Harrison, and also his child “Big Hoss.” i m so sad the “Old Man” passed far in 2018, yet the show has been going solid since it’s debut ten year ago.

With fifteen periods so far, and also the sixteenth season collection to premiere tonight, there’s no sign Pawn Stars will certainly be going far anytime soon.

Is the employee friendly through each other?

One that the greatest questions that viewers and fans have actually upon the town hall Pawn Stars is worrying the nature of the Harrisons’ partnership with employee Chumlee. When Chumlee is frequently the subject of jokes and also good-natured ribbing from rick Harrison and “Big Hoss,” Chumlee and Corey Harrison have actually been friends due to the fact that childhood.

As boys, the two were frequently connected in altercations and also rough-and-tumble antics. Yet as lock matured, they uncovered how lot they had in common. Corey Harrison was responsible because that Chumlee getting the project at the pawn shop, and also the two have actually remained steadfast friends because that decades.

When Chumlee went with a bout of legal trouble in 2016, Corey Harrison stuck by his friend and also steadfastly proved his support. Though their individualities seem to it is in opposites, through Chumlee showing up to be the more laid-back one and Corey frequently taking ~ above the role of “villain” ~ above the show, in real life, the 2 mesh perfectly.

What are the stars of ‘Pawn Stores’ increase to?


(L-R) Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison, Austin “Chumlee” Russell, Richard “The Old Man” Harrison and Rick Harrison | Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Reality present stardom hasn’t dimmed the job-related ethic of the world Famous gold & silver- Pawn Shop staff. All 3 of the reality display stars have actually gone on to job-related on their very own individual ventures: rick Harrison opened up a bar and grill in 2015, Corey opened a beauty bar in 2014, and also Chumlee recently opened a liquid shop. Also with their new businesses, all three still discover time to work-related on Pawn Stars, and frequently popular music in top top the shop to inspect in with employees and customers.

In enhancement to exciting new business opportunities, the reality show stars room healthier because Pawn Stars first premiered. Rick, Corey, and Chumlee every debuted their weight loss success stories in the previous several years, with Chumlee’s being the many noticeable – through the help of lap tape surgery, a healthier diet, and also regular exercise, the star has controlled to keep his new, trimmer look.

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Catch up through the employee of Pawn Stars, consisting of Rick Harrison, Corey Harrison, and Chumlee, when it return on January 21, 2019, in a much longer one-hour format.