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Schumer is the an elderly senator from new York and is a Democrat. He has served because Jan 6, 1999. Schumer is following up because that reelection in 2022 and also serves till Jan 3, 2023.

He is additionally Senate majority Leader, a party leadership role. Party leaders focus more on setup their party’s legislative priorties than on presenting legislation.

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He was previously the representative for brand-new York’s 9th congressional district together a Democrat from 1993 come 1998; the representative for new York’s 10th conference district together a Democrat indigenous 1983 come 1992; and also the representative for brand-new York’s 16th congressional district together a Democrat indigenous 1981 come 1982.


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Legislative Metrics

Read our 2020 Report map for Schumer.

Ideology–Leadership Chart

Schumer is presented as a purple triangle ▲ in our ideology-leadership graph below.Each dot is a member the the Senatepositioned follow to our ideological background score (left to right) and also our leadership score (leaders room toward the top).

The chart is based upon the receipt Schumer has sponsored and cosponsoredfrom jan 3, 2017 to Oct 7, 2021.See full analysis methodology.

Ratings indigenous Advocacy Organizations

Human civil liberties Campaign: 100%Planned Parenthood activity Fund: 100%League of conservation Voters: 92%American polite Liberties Union: 77%The national Organization for the reform of Marijuana Laws: BUnited claims Chamber that Commerce: 50%The society for Growth: 4%

Committee Membership

Charles “Chuck” Schumer sit on the adhering to committees:

Enacted Legislation

Schumer was the major sponsor the 63 bills the were enacted. The most recent include:

View all »

Does 63 not sound choose a lot? Very few bills are ever before enacted — many legislators sponsor just a grasp that space signed into law. However there are other legislative tasks that we don’t track the are also important, including offering amendments, committee work and oversight the the other branches, and also constituent services.

We take into consideration a invoice enacted if one of the following is true: a) the is spread itself, b) it has actually a companion bill in the other chamber (as identified by Congress) which was enacted, or c) if at least about fifty percent of its provisions were integrated into bills the were enacted (as figured out by an automated text analysis, applicable start with bills in the 110th Congress).

Bills Sponsored

Issue Areas

Schumer sponsors bills primarily in these worry areas:

Government Operations and Politics (17%)Transportation and Public functions (17%)Health (17%)Armed Forces and National protection (11%)International affairs (11%)Public Lands and also Natural resources (9%)Commerce (9%)Civil Rights and Liberties, Minority worries (9%)

Recent Bills

Some of Schumer’s many recently funded bills include...

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view All » | see Cosponsors »

As Senate majority Leader, Schumer may be focused on his responsibilities other than introducing legislation, together as setup the chamber’s agenda, uniting his party, and also brokering deals.