After year of playing one on TV, chuck Norris is now a Texas Ranger in real life, at the very least honorarily.

by Brandi Grissom Dec. 2, 20105 PM central


After years of playing one on TV, lining Norris is currently a Texas Ranger in real life, at least honorarily. And also so is his brother, Aaron Norris. The Texas Public security Commission poll in October to do the Norris brothers, who made the TV collection Walker, Texas Ranger indigenous 1993 till 2001, honorary Texas Rangers. Today in Garland, Perry officially bestowed the title on the Norrises. Here"s the message of the speech Perry"s office provided:

Thank you, Chairman Polunsky and thank friend for your years of business to our state in the area of regulation enforcement.

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I think you’ll agree with me as soon as I say that Texas is a law and order state and, if we have anything come say around it, always will be.Throughout our history, we have been blessed through peace officers who have committed their resides to windy service and also keeping their other Texans safe.Of all the icons that world associate v our state, native the rugged cowboy come the oil-soaked wildcatter, maybe no other photo is so truly Texan as those liked to stay the cinco-peso argorial of the Texas Rangers.The devices of the trade have actually become more sophisticated over time, with computers, cabinet phones and also laser sights however today’s ranger are simply as prepared to placed a avoid to trouble as their precursors some 187 year ago.“One riot, one Ranger” is together true now as it ever was. Back today’s Rangers invest their share of time behind a desk they are skilled in the time-honored art of law enforcement native investing criminal endeavors, come securing our international border.As the drug cartels have turned up the warm on the various other side of that border over the past few years, we have actually invested far-reaching state sources to secure our border feather to regional police departments, county sheriffs, video game wardens and even Texas army Forces.However, when it was time to take it the fight to the bad guys, there was just one choice to lead our initiatives so we formed our Ranger Recon Teams.It is reassuring to know that our Rangers room on the job particularly in light of ongoing reports that deteriorating problems with kidnappings, assassinations and terroristic acts just miles native Texas communities.So Texas will store doing the ideal thing: spending numerous millions of Texas taxpayer dollars and also directing our many potent resource at the border trouble Texas peace officers and Texas Rangers.On behalf of 24 million Texans who sleep soundly under the mantle that your protection I desire to say thank you for her courageous service.I additionally want to give thanks to a guy who has brought renewed attention to our Ranger corps, with his portrayal that an iconic Ranger a character that was observant, meticulous, and honorable in every way.People might whisper around his super powers, but the best power of lining Norris is his integrity and his commitment come training the next generation in self-reliance, tough work and also honor.Throughout his years together Walker, Texas Ranger, Chuck had the support of his brother and also executive producer, Aaron.Together, they assisted elevate ours Texas rangers to truly mythical status.It is because that their company that i am proud to name them Honorary Texas Ranger Captains.Congratulations and also thank friend for every you have done because that Texas and also continue to carry out for young people all throughout this nation.

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