He return a decade later with a brand-new 'Law & Order' series

by Robert Rorke, silverlakestyle.com, February 18, 2021


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Age: 59

Hometown: Washington, D.C.

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Greatest Hits: Law & Order: unique Victims Unit, Oz, True Blood, Pose, Happy!, Wet hot American Summer, Harold & Kumar walk to White Castle

Accolades: Emmy nomination for best actor in a drama collection for law & Order: SVU, in 2006. Winner of best guest gibbs in a cable series for Oz, in 1999, native the virtual Film and Television Association 

Education: B.A. In background from university of Colorado at Boulder, in 1983; ar Playhouse college of the Theatre in brand-new York.

How will SVU and Law & Order: arranged Crime relate to each other? Will personalities go ago and forth?

I think Mariska and also I will certainly be the linchpin. In the opening sequence, the crime does overlap between the two shows, and then us go our separate ways. Mariska and I are still connected, though. That"s exactly how we"ll remain in touch ... The shows.

NBC claims Stabler comes the end of retirement since of a “devastating an individual loss.” internet rumors speculate that his wife, Kathy , or one of his children, may die.

I can"t confirm or deny.

How will the organized crimes the Stabler fights differ from the Mafia?

I think it will certainly be a bit more tech-savvy and much more up to date, come reflect what type of points criminals are doing today. And also how castle operate.

How did her siblings react when Finding your Roots v Henry luigi Gates, Jr. revealed the your great-grandfather, Enrico Meloni, was exit at a foundling house in Italy?

They hold every little thing so close to the vest. We just didn"t know the details around my great-grandfather. So the was fascinating.

How did your wife react once Dr. Gates revealed that you"re concerned Nancy Pelosi?

She went, “What? no one in your family"s the smart."

Your nude urination step on Oz (HBO, 1997-2003) go viral. Did friend think that scene would certainly still follow you approximately in 2021?

Well, no. In the old days, you"d say, “Oh, you never saw it? That"s a shame.” and also now it"s, “Let me traction up a GIF. Let me pull up the meme.” that scene was the biggest reaction Oz ever acquired from fans. We had prisoners acquiring raped, limbs and necks damaged ... However you have actually a trouble with who urinating in a bucket? ... OK.

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On a brighter note, you and your wife bought Ozzie and also Harriet"s real residence in 2014 and also have live there since. What"s that been like?

Pretty darn cool.