It's constantly jarring and shocking once a show's key character leaves for good. So when Lucas Black's Christopher LaSalle was shot and killed in season six episode six of NCIS: new Orleans. That is safe to say the show will no be the same without one-of-a-kind Agent LaSalle. 

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What was Lucas Black's reason for leaving the show? He has been an integral component of the actors for so many years in ~ this point, and his personality is beloved by fans everywhere. 


Well, while Lucas has not come the end and noted the reasons he chose to leave NCIS: brand-new Orleans, over there are numerous rumors and also theories swirling around, and also I have so say, some of them are fairly exciting. First, he has hinted that doing the show is a large commitment and he wants to spend much more time with his family. He's married and also he has two little kids the he wants to spend time with. The is extremely understandable! 

In a web featurette in i m sorry the actors reacts come Christopher's death, Lucas says, "The display has been so an excellent to me over the years, gone beyond my expectations and also goals, however this task isn't straightforward for me. There's a lot of priorities in my life that acquire sacrificed because that me to be here. However it's time for me to emphasis on those priorities in mine life."


In the video, his fellow cast members room extremely free of Lucas and also supportive that his decision. "I'm sad, however at the very same time, I'm happy for him because you talk about a boy who's worked due to the fact that he was a child. Ns told the personally, i said, 'Dude, you deserve it,'" said NCIS: brand-new Orleans co-star Daryl Mitchell. 

Sounds prefer he is acquisition a much-deserved break because that the very first time in a lengthy time in bespeak to invest time through his family. However, that could not be the entirety story. There could be another reason Lucas Black decided to totally free up his schedule...

If you'll remember, Lucas black starred in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift as Sean Boswell. He climate popped up again in Furious 7 in 2015, and also while the didn't do an appearance in the eighth installment, many believe he's collection to do a comeback in Furious 9, which would certainly honestly be amazing.


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NCIS: new Orleans will be a different show there is no Christopher LaSalle, however it seems choose Lucas Black has actually some amazing things top top the horizon, so we're happy because that him! 

In a statement exit after his character's death, showrunners Christopher Silber and also Jan Nash said, according to Newsweek, "We had actually an impressive run v Lucas Black and he has been such an essential part of out NCIS: brand-new Orleans team. We are sad to see him go, yet happy he will certainly have more time to invest with his family."