it’s a cat-owners rite of passage to endure at the very least one Christmas-tree related incident with their cat.

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The tree, the smells, the baubles and also the glittering lights are like a playland for a curious cat, and unfortunately our feline friends just aren’t familiar sufficient with gravity, physics and silverlakestyle.common feeling to understand that jumping onto a tree, or attempting to climb up it, simply won’t finish well. However, every jokes aside, if you favor a actual fir or pine tree tree end a fake plastic Christmas tree you might be outing your little furry-friends health and wellness at risk.

Are Christmas tree poisonous to cats?

Although the most silverlakestyle.common Christmas trees, such as real pine or fir trees, aren’t toxicity to cats need to your four-legged pal just brush previous it, if her kitty have to eat pine tree needles, sap, drink the water or chew on the branches friend may find yourself in hot water.

Cat behaviour experienced Marilyn Krieger that CCBC said Petcha the “pine needles deserve to be ingested and also puncture intestines, and pine is highly toxic silverlakestyle.come cats, potentially bring about liver damage and death. Additionally, the water that reduced trees are placed into is toxic. It usually contains pine resin, preservatives and fire retardants.”

Marilyn go on silverlakestyle.come say that man-made trees are usually safer, however if chewed on the plastic pipeline can cause intestinal blockage.



Signs of poisioning 

The an initial signs of pine tree Christmas tree poisoning in cats ensilverlakestyle.compass lethargic behaviour and digestive issues, vomiting and also diarrhoea. If your actual Christmas tree has actually been sprayed with fertilisers and also chemicals poisoning symptoms in cats have the right to include alters in hunger, thirst and frequency or urination, discolouration the the gums, digestive stress, muscle weakness, drooling and also unusual breathing. Check out a vet immediately.

Fir Christmas tree oils can ​also be irritating to a cat mouth and stomach, causing too much drooling or vomiting if ingested, reports The Spruce.

Other holiday plants that space poisonous to cats

According to The Spruce Pets, Mistletoe and Holly are also poisonous silverlakestyle.come cats once you decorate v the actual deal. Cat World likewise reports that Poinsetta flower are additionally mildly poison to cats if ingested. Contact your vet must your pets eat any type of of these plants.



How you can avoid a holiday disaster

1. Australian retailer pets Warehouse proposal investing in a faux Christmas tree through in-built lights and also soft greenery to mitigate the damages the tree deserve to do to her cat.

2. If you have actually a real tree and the base has water in it, use a covering or tree dress so her cat doesn’t have accessibility to the water source, which have the right to have adverse affects on your cat if drunk.

3. take into consideration using one anti-scratch spray to deter her cat from pawing in ~ the tree.

4. PETA resilverlakestyle.commends maintaining your tree far from launching zones, such together tables, chairs and other places your cat silverlakestyle.commonly climbs, and also wrapping the tree basic in foil or popping a sheet beneath it, as cat supposedly don’t favor the feel of silver paper on their paws.

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5. provide your tree a great wash through the water tap outside and also let it dried off prior to brining that it. 

While over there are threats to having actually a real Christmas tree in her home, there are very couple of risks to having actually an man-made tree inside, besides your cat chewing ~ above the branches and also pulling that over. Dr Leonie Richards, Head of general Practice at the college of Melbourne’s U-Vet veterinary Hospital writes the “a serious mishap is together unlikely as waking in on Christmas morning to discover Santa stuck in the chimney. You deserve to never to speak never, but it’s no as high on the cards as simply a mess.”