Christina Anstead is an American genuine estate investor and TV personality who is best known for showing up on the HGTV series "Flip or Flop" alongside she ex-husband Tarek El Moussa. She has appeared in over a hundred episodes the the show which is to run its eighth season currently. She additionally stars in her very own spinoff collection titled "Christina ~ above the Coast" i beg your pardon showcases her residence flipping skills. She holds training sessions with Tarek v their actual estate invest program, genuine Estate Elevated, and has co-wrote with him the companion ebooks "24 means to benefit on genuine Estate in 2019" and also "50 ways to discover Your next Flip". If working along with Tarek, she generally handles the architecture aspect of the job and also is responsible for keeping every little thing on schedule.

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Christina Anstead was born as Christina Meursinge Haack ~ above July 9, 1983 in Orange County, California, joined States. She has actually a sister called Carly that is ten years younger than her.
She attended a school in southern California before pursuing a business and also design course in college. Complying with her graduation, she started working in the actual estate industry.
Christina Anstead met she future husband, Tarek El Moussa, while functioning as a actual estate agent, and the 2 subsequently opened up the real-estate agency "Tarek and also Christina: The El Moussa Group" in Orange County, California. The couple partnered through Pete De Best and also bought their first house in Santa Ana for $115,000, i beg your pardon earned them a benefit of $34,000.
They later broadened their residence flipping and also real-estate business to Arizona and also Nevada, and additionally built their own construction and design company in southern California. They effectively ran the business till real estate market plummeted ~ the October 2008 stock market crash, complying with which they had actually to tone down their living requirements considerably.
They perfect their an initial flip six months behind schedule in 2010, but were able to rotate a usually profit, which further fuelled their passion. In 2011, Tarek casually do a video clip of the process of house flipping from start to end up with the assist of a friend and sent it together an audition tape come HGTV.
Interestingly, the tape was preferred by the producers and the pair was signed through the channel for a weekly routine titled "Flip or Flop", which premiered in April 2013. The television series has to be hugely successful and has been running for eight seasons.
The couple continues to appear together ~ above the show in spite of their divorce in 2018; however, their joint company was dissolved following the divorce. They likewise continue come coach thousands of actual estate students every year through their investment program, real Estate Elevated, which includes workshops, advanced camps, virtual resources, live mentorships, and one-on-one coaching.
Christina Anstead’s very own spinoff show, "Christina top top the Coast", was announced in June 2018, and filming for it started in autumn that year. The series, i m sorry premiered on may 23, 2019, concentrated on she renovating her brand-new home in the an initial episode, complied with by seven more episodes in i m sorry she resolved her clients" homes.
Christina Anstead and also Tarek El Moussa acquired married in 2009 and welcomed their first child together, daughter Taylor Reese El Moussa, on September 22, 2010. Christina to be dissatisfied v herself for no being able to spend sufficient time through her daughter during the shooting of the first season of their show, and also subsequently changed her schedule.
After Tarek was diagnosed with phase II thyroid cancer in 2013, they chose to financial institution his sperm and try in vitro fertilization prior to he started radiation treatment. They readjusted doctors and also their strategy to conception ~ a failed IVF attempt and a miscarriage, adhering to which she to be able to develop in 2015 sticking to strict guidelines. The couple"s 2nd child, son Brayden James El Moussa, to be born on august 20, 2015.
Christina went back to job-related within 4 weeks of her son’s birth. She later reflected that it to be too quick for her and caused tensions in between the couple, who ultimately separated in might 2016 following a heated discussion that culminated in Tarek leaving house with a gun. The pair filed for divorce in 2017 and also it was finalized in January 2018.
Christina Anstead started dating television presenter, Ant Anstead, in November 2017 ~ being introduced through a common friend and married that at their Newport Beach, California home on December 22, 2018.

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Christina and Tarek live nearby by and also continue come co-parent their two kids. She has actually two more step-children native Ant"s ahead marriage and also is expecting her first child v him, a boy.
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