Chris Meloni will certainly star together Elliot Stabler in legislation & Order: organized Crime, but he"s still shoot scenes for future illustration of SVU.

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Elliot Stabler will Return in Future SVU illustration After regulation & order Crossover Event
Elliot Stabler will proceed to appear in illustration of regulation & Order: special Victims Unit past the upcoming Law & Order crossover event. On April 1, kris Meloni will return to SVU for the first time because leaving the series in 2011, reuniting with his former co-star Mariska Hargitay. Stabler"s very own spinoff series, Law & Order: organized Crime, will certainly premiere immediately after the new SVU episode.

top top Friday, executive producer Warren Leight tweeted that the SVU team had actually just shot "three Benson/Stabler scenes today" through director Sebastian Silva. Once a pan asked Leight come clarify if this to be for the crossover in April or for future scene in later episodes, Leight added that the scene "were for an SVU down the road." This means Stabler will quickly be back on SVU despite simultaneously certification in his own series.

Stabler will an initial return to the Law & Order universe in the SVU illustration "Return of the Prodigal Son." collection up to create Stabler"s solo spinoff series, the illustration will check out the detective return to the force to reunite with Olivia Benson and also his various other old pals. In Organized Crime, Stabler develops a brand-new task pressure to seek the greatest crime syndicates in the city after suffering a "devastating personal loss."

"It just has to be," kris Meloni said The brand-new York Post critical year, teasing the we would see an ext between Stabler and also Benson beyond a solitary reunion. "Benson and also Stabler space inextricably linked, locked and connected. Ns think over there is truly and deeply a worthwhile, innate drama in exploring that relationship and also the complexity of exactly how Stabler left - the unresolved emotions both personalities feel and how the fans feel."

Meloni added: "It practically feels that we won"t execute one or two episodes and also move top top our funny way. I simply think there will always be possibilities there. People will constantly be hungry to see how we interact and also how the dynamic has actually changed."

Meanwhile, we"re going to be meeting a various Elliot Stabler after he says hello come his old colleagues. In one interview through AP this year, Meloni thorough how things have readjusted with Stabler because we last experienced him ten years ago.

"You can have specific behavioral trends as a younger guy that i don"t think wear and also an enlarge man," Meloni said. "I think the if you are conscious and have facets of empathy and awareness, you get a modicum of wisdom, which ns think help temper impulses. I think the heart and also soul of this man, Elliot, is still really much alive and burning."

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Meloni also described return to the duty as nerve-wracking, but the SVU family members made the process much smoother by welcoming him back with open arms. Mariska Hargitay has actually been repetitively posting selfies of the two with each other in anticipation that the upcoming crossover event. An ext recently, a photograph from the collection saw Ice-T joining in ~ above the reunion with Meloni and also Hargitay.

The crossover occasion kicks off with Stabler"s return to law & Order: arranged Crime ~ above April 1, complied with by the premiere that Law & Order: arranged Crime. It"s not yet clear once the next episode through Stabler the was shot critical week will certainly air. This news stems native Warren Leight on Twitter.

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