fear TWD: Why chris Was eliminated Off In Season 2 are afraid the walking Dead yielded one of its many memorable tragedies with the fatality of kris in season 2. Here"s why he got that ending.

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Fear the wade dead killed off kris season 2v
One of Fear the go Dead’s many memorable tragedies come in season 2 when it killed off Chris. Play by Lorenzo James Henrie, Travis’ son was among the initial members of the key group, having actually traveled with them since the begin of the zombie apocalypse. Together, they experienced number of hardships, consisting of the death of Chris’ mother, Liza (Elizabeth Rodriguez).

In season 2, it became increasingly apparent that Chris’ troubled connection with Travis (Cliff Curtis) was far from his just problem. Together it rotate out, kris posed a real hazard to the people roughly him. One of the very first signs that this gift itself as soon as Chris eliminated a tied-up prisoner, explain falsely that the guy was going to turn. Together time passed, it to be revealed that Chris appeared to possess a morbid curiosity about killing the deeply disturbed both his father, Madison (Kim Dickens), and the others. Travis, who sadly well-known that his son was going under the not correct path, tried in vain to store him safe. Once Chris went off through two other survivors, Travis followed them, and found out later on that Chris had died.

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Fear the wade Dead season 2, episode 14 revealed with flashbacks that Chris’ 2 traveling companions the he led to a crash after ~ falling asleep at the wheel. Having been wounded on the leg, the two killed Chris the end of worry of him transforming into a zombie. In response, Travis savagely to win the two guys to death. It was without a doubt a shocking finish to the character’s Fear the go Dead story, especially since it played out in flashbacks about an event that had already happened. Follow to then-showrunner Dave Erickson, the decision to death off chris in this means stemmed from their plans for Cliff Curtis" Travis EW>. Their intention to be for Chris’ death to propel Travis into a new direction. Erickson described that they wanted to usage this tragic minute to explore what this would median for Travis as a person.

While the method Fear the go Dead eliminated off chris was a little unique and also unexpected, his fatality had felt unpreventable for a while. His downward spiral and dark turn absolutely made it appear that he was reaching a suggest where co-existing through the other personalities wasn’t going come work, and in a way, that was currently at that stage. World like Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) couldn’t trust him anymore, and also for good reason. It might be the if he grounding around, he eventually would have actually transformed into a much better threat.

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As detailed by Erickson, Chris’ fatality did have actually an interesting impact on Travis, whose solid sense of principles was an integral component of his character. It served as a an excellent test because that him, considering the guilt it had left the with. However, the worth pointing out that its influence was short-lived; Travis’ own story finished in season 3’s 2nd episode, which way that Fear the go Dead didn’t delve into his loss for an ext than three complete episodes before including Travis himself to the show’s list of casualties. The collection had to death him turn off too, due to the actor’s obligations come the Avatar sequels. V both Chris and Travis gone, the collection focused top top the Clarke family and also their staying allies because that the show’s 3rd season.