Reading Time: 3 minutes chicken are thought about to be together intelligent together companion animals - yet civilization continue to eat them
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All end the world, chicken appears to it is in a go-to ‘food’.

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People are convinced that birds make a healthier alternative than pigs or cows. But under all those false assures – leanness, best resource of protein, short in fat – poultry is not perfect health food in ~ all.

Eating chicken is not only a barbaric practice, but additionally extremely damaging come one’s health.

We’ve rounded-up some facts around chicken that will certainly make girlfriend second-guess those nuggets.

1. Poultry have the right to have the same influence on cholesterol as red meat

Many world swap red meats because that chicken in a bid to reduced their cholesterol levels and also be healthy – however they can be wasting your time.

Top plant-based doctor Dr. Michael Greger has looked at the info – and concluded the the influence of beef on human being cholesterol no necessarily lot worse than that the poultry and also fish.

He says: “Switching from red meat to white meat most likely wouldn’t make any kind of difference .

“And that’s yes, really no surprise provided how fat we’ve genetically modified chicken to be this days – as much as 10 times much more fat 보다 they offered to have actually a century ago.

“So yes a variety of cuts the beef that have actually less cholesterol-raising saturation fat than chicken.”


2. The slaughter of birds is horrifying

There are tiny to no cruelty regulations in the chicken industry. In fact, birds have officially been exempted native the ‘Humane methods of Slaughter Act’.

“The U.S. Room of farming exempts bird from that enforcement of the Humane approaches of Slaughter Act, which needs that farm pets be insensible come pain prior to they’re shackled and killed,” according to the Humane society of the joined States.

Around 9 billion chickens and turkeys are killed for meat yearly in the U.S. Alone. These sentient pets spend their whole lives in full confinement; much more chickens space raised and killed for food 보다 all various other land animals combined.

Once at the slaughterhouse, the birds are hung upside down and their throats are reduced open by machines. The chickens room then immersed in scalding-hot water for feather remove – and they are completely conscious throughout the whole process.

3. 97 percent of sleeve chicken chest is contaminated v dangerous bacteria

According to media reports, tests performed on raw chicken purchased across the U.S. Have uncovered that 97 percent of experiment chicken chest samples ‘harbored bacteria that could make girlfriend sick’.

The evaluation discovered high rates of minister bacteria, including E. Coli, Enterococcus, and Salmonella.

4. Chickens space intelligent animals

As a very inquisitive and also intelligent species (which deserve to be as smart together cats and dogs), chickens space ‘good at addressing problems’, according to pet behaviorist Dr. Kris Evans.

They are also able to comprehend that recently hidden objects tho exist. 

Chickens have actually their own social hierarchies, kind friendships, and also they love and care for your young.

Talking around chickens’ capabilities, Evans said: “As a trick at conferences, I periodically list this attributes, without pointing out chickens, and also people think ns talking about monkeys.”

NOTE: also if chicken weren’t clever, together living, sentient us they still shouldn’t be eaten. This is simply a fascinating fact.

5. Chickens space stuffed v cancer-causing arsenic

The Food and Drug administration has admitted the chicken meat is filled through arsenic, a very poisonous chemical that is 4 times an ext toxic than mercury. 

The problem is offered to chickens because it prompts faster weight gain and also less feeding, and it also enhances the pink color in raw meat. 

When ingested, arsenic have the right to lead come invasive squamous carcinoma, Bowen illness, basal cabinet skin cancer carcinoma, and liver, kidney, lung, and also bladder cancer.

And although the FDA is trying to convince the public that chicken meat is still for sure for intake – regardless of the quantity arsenic discovered – experts have issued a warning about the duty of arsenic for fetus damage.

Chicken meat is filled through bacteria and also cancer-causing arsenic

6. The poultry industry has actually a devastating impact on the environment

The slaughtering of bird on together a massive scale pollutes land, air, and water with deceased carcasses, feces, hefty metals, chemicals, bacteria, parasites, microorganism cysts, and viruses.

Poultry slaughterhouses release huge amounts the waste right into the environment, polluting land and also surface waters – as well as posing a significant threat to humans. The leaching of nitrate and virus transfers come groundwater also affects the top quality of our drink water.

Wildlife habitat is likewise destroyed to make room for new slaughtering plants, therefore resulting in biodiversity losses.

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But ‘Free-range’ tho…

Made it come the end of this list and you’re reasoning that you’ll just switch to ‘free-range’, ‘organic’, or ‘humanely-raised’ chicken? 

Think again.

In reality, factory farming accounts for 99.9 percent the chickens increased for meat in the U.S. Also if the chickens have been increased on free-range and organic farms, chickens frequently spend simply as lot time border to overfilled spaces together those on traditional farms.


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