Funnyman Chevy follow is famed for his functions in together 80s movies as Caddyshack, National Lampoon"s Vacation, and Fletch. In most recent years, he has additionally become known to new audiences many thanks to the hit comedy series Community. That is a talented actor and comedian, however his reputation is not as stellar.

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When the cast of Community talked about Chase, their opinions to be mixed. While most of them got along well with the actor, there were those that clashed with the man due to the fact that of his prickly and also sometimes attack behavior. Donald Glover was one such recipient that Chase"s less-than-funny antics ~ above set.

Chase also garnered a negative reputation throughout his time on Saturday Night Live. The was part of the original 1975 lineup however his visibility was not always welcomed. He only stuck approximately for 2 seasons yet during this time that alienated many of those he functioned with. Chase later returned come the present as a host, however he continued to cause havoc. Needless to say, he is not in the lineup the SNL"s most renowned hosts.

So, what to be it about Chase that his co-stars didn"t like? and also is he yes, really the many hated member the SNL? Let"s take a closer look.

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Saturday Night Live was the present that secured the future stardom of countless a young up and coming comedian. Man Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, and also Bill Murray are simply a couple of of SNL"s most successful actors members, and they every went top top to have acclaimed Hollywood careers. Chase likewise made a effective career because that himself, but while the made audience laugh, there space those SNL members that didn"t view the funny next of Chase"s behavior.

Reports have indicated that he to be both insensitive and also insulting, and this was highlighted in the book, Saturday Night Live: A Backstage history Of Saturday Night Live. That Chase, the writer said:

"(He was) a viciously effective put-down artist, the kind who could find the one thing somebody was sensitive around — a pimple on the nose, possibly — and also then kid about it, merciless."

Of course, over there are many comics who have actually made a name for us by insulting others, yet Chase was known to take things too far. As soon as he reverted to host the display in 1978, he allegedly did tiny to make up for his past misdeeds, and also cast member invoice Murray told chase that anyone hated him. This resulted in Murray and Chase having actually a backstage brawl moments before going ~ above air, through both fists and also words being supplied as weapons against each other.

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Chase"s personality didn"t fare well with other members the SNL either, according to an post in The Huffington Post. When Chase organized the display in 1985, terry Sweeney, the show"s very first openly gay cast member, even went so far as to call follow a "monster" after follow pitched a sketch illustrating Sweeney having actually Aids. Chase later apologized, yet of this Sweeney said:

"He was yes, really furious that he had to apologize to me. That was just beside himself. And it was just awful. The acted horribly come me. The acted horribly to everyone."

Jon Lovitz backed up Sweeney"s claim and also said:

“So Chevy look at at terrycloth Sweeney and also goes, ‘You’re gay, right?’ terry goes, ‘Yes, what would certainly you like me to carry out for you?’ Chevy goes, ‘Well, you can start through licking my balls.’” chase was top top such poor behavior the week, the actors resorted to hiding indigenous him."

It is surprising that chase was asked ago to organize SNL, but come ago he did, just to cause much more trouble top top set. In 1995, comedian Tim Meadows stated of Chase, "his interactions with human being were akin to watching a car accident." and also in 1997, follow failed to impress the up and also coming will certainly Ferrell. As quoted in the book Live From brand-new York: one Uncensored history of Saturday Night Live, he said:

"The worst organize was Chevy Chase. Ns don’t know if he was on something, but he was just kind the going roughly the room and also systematically riffing. First, it was on the guys, playfully making fun, until, once he got to among our woman writers, he made some referral like, ‘Maybe girlfriend can give me a hand project later.’ In hindsight, ns wish we’d all gotten up and walked the end of the room."

Never one to mince words, Pete Davidson gave his opinion top top Chase when talking ~ above The Howard Stern Show in 2018. ~ hearing Chase"s windy criticism the SNL and also its original actors members, Davidson stated of the man:

"He’s a f*****g douchebag. I hate that dude. … He’s just a genuinely bad, racism person, and I don’t choose him."

It have the right to safely it is in assumed that follow won"t be invite over come Davidson"s house anytime soon for afternoon tea, and it"s unlikely plenty of of his former co-stars will certainly be sending out him invites either!

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It is safe to say that chase is still the many hated SNL member. If there have actually been instances that terrible behavior from other SNL hosts and also performers, consisting of Steven Seagal, boy name Lawrence, and also Milton Berle, few of them have garnered the exact same reputation together Chevy Chase. He has barely mellowed with period either, as have the right to be evidenced by descriptions of his feud with neighborhood showrunner Dan Harmon.

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Still, in spite of his behavior, follow has ongoing to entertain audiences. While the hasn"t ingratiated self well with his co-stars, the still has a substantial fanbase thanks to his work-related on both TV and film. It"s simply a shame that he hasn"t constantly been as personable together Fletch, Clark Griswold, and also the other characters he has actually played on screen.

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