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on Tuesday morning, Roseanne Barr walk on a Twitter tirade versus liberals, invoking conspiracy theories, lobbing a bizarre slur in ~ Barack Obama’s optimal adviser Valerie Jarrett, and also weirdly explain Chelsea Clinton is married to a Soros.

So continues the political trip of the television star, who eponymous ABC show was renewed for a second season after simply one episode, and who is also one of the best promoters of virtual far-right conspiracy theories — and also a vocal supporter of chairman Trump. Previously this year, trump card even referred to as Barr come congratulate she on she show’s success and thank her for she support.

First, Barr accused Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of former President invoice Clinton and Hillary Clinton, of gift married to a nephew of billionaire charity George Soros.

Chelsea Soros Clinton

— Roseanne Barr (
therealroseanne) might 29, 2018

Chelsea Clinton, that is not, in fact, married to a nephew that George Soros, responded, telling Roseanne the her middle name is not “Soros” but “Victoria,” and that she is in no means related come the Soros family:

Good morning Roseanne - my offered middle surname is Victoria. I imagine George Soros’s nephews room lovely people. I’m simply not married to one. I am grateful for the crucial work
OpenSociety go in the world. Have a great day! https://t.co/mXokiTEwN7

— Chelsea Clinton (
ChelseaClinton) might 29, 2018

Barr apologized for the mistake, yet then tweeted that Clinton’s husband “is the child of a corruption senator.” Clinton’s husband’s father, Edward Mezvinsky, was convicted of fraud in 2002 and also served 5 years in prison.

Sorry to have actually tweeted incorrect info about you!I you re welcome forgive me! by the way, George Soros is a nazi who turned in his other Jews 2 it is in murdered in German concentration camps & stole their wealth-were you mindful of that? But, we all make mistakes, appropriate Chelsea?

— Roseanne Barr (
therealroseanne) may 29, 2018


— Roseanne Barr (
therealroseanne) may 29, 2018

Barr’s laser focus on George Soros is part of she politics, which facility on a deep interest in far-right conspiracy theories, indigenous MK Ultra (a real CIA experiment on person test topics that conspiracy theorists believe is quiet being supplied by the government) to the claim that the 9/11 assaults were an within job.

And her attention in conspiracy theories no new. Once she ran because that president as part of the far-left Peace and also Justice Party, she penned a letter to congress stating the the Obama White House had “contrived” the Boston Marathon bombing in an attempt to “remove the second Amendment.” yet her assistance for Trump, including on her show, increased her politics profile significantly.

As nationwide Review described this spring:

Roseanne is a Trump-supporting populist, but the populist heritage she to represent is one born no of canny critique that political and also economic stagnation but of paranoid ignorance. She populism begins from the premise the absolutely noþeles or anyone working out power in American society — indigenous Paul Ryan to organized Christianity come the Monsanto copy, group — obtained that authority illegitimately and also relies on various creates of black color magic to store it.

George Soros, a Hungarian-American investor who has actually helped to money a variety of left-leaning reasons over the previous three decades, has become the unlikely facility of much of the far-right conspiracy universe and the object of countless of Barr’s tweets, with accusations that Soros to be a member the the Nazi SS (he wasn’t) and also that he designed Black lives Matter and also antifa to cause “chaos” (he didn’t). Because that example, Roseanne retweeted this tweet ~ above Tuesday:

YoungDems4Trump■WE uncovered THE CEO of ANTIFA.THE terror IN CHIEF. ■HE also HEADS up BLM. BLM and ANTIFA room NOT organic movements by the people. They space sponsored through SOROS, together front teams to take under LIBERTY. They are RESIST. Https://t.co/1FYXpkHcTN

— LIBERTY IS #1. (
vickibazter) might 29, 2018

But she wasn’t done v her an extremely busy morning top top Twitter. She also tweeted that former White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett to be the result of the coupling of an ape and also the Muslim Brotherhood.

She later on deleted the tweet and apologized:

I apologize come Valerie Jarrett and to every Americans. I am truly sorry for making a negative joke about her politics and also her looks. I should have actually known better. Forgive me-my hoax was in bad taste.

— Roseanne Barr (
therealroseanne) might 29, 2018

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But that’s more than likely not the end of Barr’s politicking.

Correction: An previously version the this item misstated the year of Barr’s presidential run.

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