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On Saturday, Hillary Clinton celebrated her daughter's 41st birthday on Instagram and Twitter through a photo of Chelsea as a child and also a sweet message.

"Happy birthday, Chelsea. You've constantly had numerous opinions, and I'm for this reason proud of how you usage your voice because that good," the former an initial lady, 73, wrote.

Chelsea to be born in little Rock, Arkansas, on Feb. 27, 1980. She was presented to public life in ~ 12 year old, as soon as her father invoice Clinton take it office as the 42nd chairman in 1993.

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The previous year has actually been an interesting one because that the former very first daughter, who released she children's book She Persisted in Sports, in May. And in March, she released a photo book in addition to her mother dubbed Grandma's Garden.

The publication was inspired through the former very first lady's so late mother, Dorothy Rodham, who love to read and also garden through them both, and was released by Philomel books on march 31.

In a recent interview through, the mommy of three opened up around her current projects and also all things motherhood, specifically "mom guilt," during the middle of the COVID-19 health crisis.

" I'm on mine Zoom and <4-year-old son> Aidan's science course is crashing and also then I'm off my Zoom rushing to fix the science class," she said. "And then ns can't remain with him to make certain he gets ago on the scientific research class. Then I'm running back into the following room to get earlier on my Zoom and also then ns feel like, 'Oh mine gosh, I'm no doing either thing really well in ~ the moment, but hopefully doing each as ideal as i can.' "

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Chelsea and also her husband of 10 years Marc Mezvinsky along v their three kids — Aidan, 4,  Jasper, 19 months, and Charlotte, 6 — spent the summer through her parents.

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"It was yes, really wonderful for our children to have that time v their grandparents — specifically for Charlotte and also Aidan come be with my parents in the season native late feather really with the totality summer, whereby they were maybe to tree a garden together and tend a garden together and pick and harvest the food together and eat the food together and also play so plenty of games," Clinton said "I was really grateful for the time."

The former first lady previously told human being that castle were all "home in brand-new York" and also "trying to remain as safe as we can."

The Clintons, through their eponymous foundation, aided support relief efforts during the pandemic and have sent totally free meals to families in Arkansas v chef José Andrés. They additionally released a "toolkit" of activities and ideas for parents with youngsters home when schools change online, and also sent an ext than 400 pizzas to Westchester ar hospitals in brand-new York, which had actually been hit difficult by virus instances earlier in the pandemic.

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