"Love is so big right currently in my life," Céline Dion stated of her dating life, after her late husband René Angelil passed away of neck cancer in 2016

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The five-time Grammy compensation winner, 53, newly opened up around her love life ~ the death of her husband René Angélil in 2016. "I don't know. I have actually no idea," Dion claimed Monday on Today, after she was asked around dating again.

"But appropriate this second, love is so large right currently in my life, through my kids, v life itself," she continued. "I'm no thinking about a relationship and also falling in love again. Ns don't. Carry out I have to say that it will certainly never take place anymore? i don't know. Ns don't know."

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She share sons René-Charles, 20, and twins Nelson and Eddy, both 10, with her so late husband, who died of throat cancer in January 2016. He to be 73. "Losing my husband, because that my kids to lose their father, it was fairly something," Dion said.

"I feel like René has offered me so much through the years and also still today," she added. "I see my kids. I look in ~ them — us live with him. Us still live with him. He's part of our resides every day, so I have to say that i feel very, really strong."



Dion honored the Canadian music producer in January, noting the 5th anniversary of his death. "René, it's to be 5 years already… There's not one day that us don't think about you," she wrote at the time.

"We're reaching out come you now much more than ever, to overview us, safeguard us, and continue come watch over us," Dion continued. "And we pray the you'll shine her love on the entire world, to all those in ~ this very moment, who are dealing with incredibly challenging times. You room in ours hearts and also in our lives forever. We love you, Celine, René-Charles, Nelson and Eddy xx…"

The "My Heart will certainly Go On" artist previously provided Today an upgrade on she love life in 2019. "I don't date. I'm not prepared to date," she admitted. "I'm so happy to have actually so many world surround me who make me laugh, yet I miss to it is in touched. I miss out on to it is in hugged. Ns missed to be told I'm beautiful. I miss out on what a boyfriend and also what a husband would certainly do."

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Dion is prepare for one more Las vegas residency, as she will play 10 mirrors from November 5-20 in ~ the new Resorts World, which opens up in June. She previously performed for 16 year at caesar Palace.

"Vegas has offered us, my family and also I, an opportunity for me to be a mom, for them to be kids, for me to carry out for my fans and also to exercise my passion and also every night come home," she said Today of she love for Sin City. "That is rare, so i really feel that vegas has provided me motherhood and the ideal as one artist, the ideal of both worlds."

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