With the coronavirus keeping Carol Burnett at residence in Santa Barbara, she opens up about the classic films she"s rewatching, her favourite dessert and the satirical newscaster she adores so much that she obtained Vicki Lawrence hooked.

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With manufacturing grinding to a halt in the challenge of the novel coronavirus, the entertainment sector has found itself navigating uncharted territory. To offer a much better sense because that how, The Hollywood Reporter is to run a regular series that focuses on how Hollywood’s optimal writers, actors, directors, executives and an ext are living and working in these complicated times.

Carol Burnett had actually recently returned from Hawaii and also was looking ahead to a spring and summer filled with tour dates for she interactive show,Carol Burnett: An evening of Laughter and Reflection, a 90-minute Q&A performance during which she fields audience questions about her legend career and nothing is turn off limits. There were dates collection for Cincinnati, Salt Lake City, ras Vegas and also Milwaukee, all of which have been postponed amid the coronavirus pandemic. She available the same layout toTHR— clocking in closer to 20 minutes — to discuss what she life is prefer today, isolating in Santa Barbara with husband Brian and their cat Nikki (born top top Christmas Day and named for St. Nicholas).

Let’s begin easy: What does her day look like now?

I acquire up in the morning, make the bed, have breakfast and also feed the cat. I have a treadmill, so ns walk around a half hour come 45 minutes every day. Us live in a gated community and it’s feasible for us to go out, take a walk and any next-door neighbors we see, us wave and social distance. As soon as some of our friends go for walks, they speak to us come say they’re in the neighborhood. We open up the door and also have a conference on the driveway with everyone standing 6 feet apart. It’s for this reason nice to check out other humans but, friend know, it’s a shame us can’t hug them. We’re thinking of bringing some lawn furniture out to put it in the driveway and also just have world sit and also talk six feet apart.

You sound well. What’s to be the toughest adjustment?

Not being able come socialize and also see mine family, that’s tough, however we keep in touch. I speak to my sister and also my kids nearly every day and also everybody’s doing and also can it is in expected. Ns think ago to world War II and also even 9/11, we can all link together. Ns was in new York ideal after 9/11 and we’d be on the street and you’d view a stranger and just offer each other a hug. Us can’t perform that now. Top top the other hand, they’re questioning us simply to stay inside and also that’s a little price to pay when you think the the civilization during the war who had actually to go and also fight and everything that they sacrificed. My love goes out to the human being who have actually lost their jobs, and all of the an initial responders, doctors and nurses who are placing their stays on the line. It’s not lot of a sacrifice, at least for me best now, simply to sit on the sofa.

What have actually you learned around yourself during these past couple of weeks?

I’ve learned the I deserve to do it, you know. I miss out on seeing friends and I miss out on going the end to dinner or whatever yet that’s a tiny price come pay. And I’ve constantly been grateful however I’m even an ext grateful now.

What room you watching, reading, playing or hear to together a reprieve?

My husband and also I clock old movies, beat Scrabble, perform crosswords and also go because that walks. We’ve watched Singing in the Rain, i m sorry I understand by heart, however I can always watch it again — and also again and also again. And also I clock the news. The newscasters ns watch the many are Jake Tapper and also Rachel Maddow. And also Randy Rainbow.

Wait, who’s Randy Rainbow?

Oh mine God! If you’re ~ above YouTube, look increase Randy Rainbow. He’s the best. He’s so great and funny. He makes up parodies and also songs around what’s walking on today and also he go it all in his apartment. Also Stephen Sondheim has said the he’s a genius. Oh my God. Chris, you’ve acquired to clock it.

I’m a small embarrassed i hadn’t heard the him.

He’s just now beginning to be known. I discovered him a couple of months back and he’s best on top of everything. He’s gained such a pan base now. Girlfriend don’t trust the word genius when it it s okay thrown approximately so much, yet he’s obtained a bit of that genius disease. Vicki Lawrence just had a birthday and I talked to her about Randy. She didn’t know him either and also then she glommed onto him. I’m having actually the finest time city hall him.

What else room you watching?

We watched The Music Man v Robert Preston. Then we acquired a small bit dark to watch the wonderful movie with Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer called Gaslight. It’s so suspenseful and an extremely Hitchcock-like. There room so many an excellent things and also we’re in for the duration.

What have become your go-to comfort foods during the quarantine?

I love enchiladas. Ns was born in Texas and also that’s the an initial food I ever before remember eating, when I was 3 or so. Yet I’m pretty good with food. I’ll have actually a bite that dessert and also then I’m fine, ns don’t should eat the totality thing.

What’s your guilty pleasure once it involves that one bite?

Key lime pie.

Have you uncovered yourself stockpiling anything?

Not really. We bought part canned foods however I wasn’t too concerned. Whereby we space in Santa Barbara, the restaurants are doing takeout and also I feeling it’s vital to help support the restaurants, so we’ve excellent a most that.

Any favorites?

In Montecito, there’s Lucky’s and an Italian place called Tre Lune. There’s likewise the new Rosewood Miramar society that recently opened. Those are my favorites.

Is there a reason that’s most crucial to you best now?

Any organization that helps to assistance the frontline hospital workers v protective equipment, I’ll certainly donate come those. It’s just ridiculous the there’s a problem.

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And what’s atop her to-do list when this is all over?

I’d favor to have a party — break open up the champagne, say hallelujah and also hug each other.