Cam Newton is earlier where it all began.

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The previous No. 1 overall pick signed a one-year deal reportedly worth approximately $10 million to go back to the Carolina Panthers top top Thursday.

Newton make his Panthers (and NFL) debut on Sept. 11, 2011, versus the Cardinals in Arizona. Could his 2nd Panthers debut come in the exact same building versus the very same team 10 year later?

Carolina offensive coordinator Joe Brady met with the media on Friday and also didn"t ascendancy out the opportunity of Newton see the ar versus the 8-1 Cardinals on Sunday.

“Everything’s ~ above the table appropriate now,” Brady said, via Anthony Rizzuti of Panthers Wire. “We’ll kinda advice from a day-to-day standpoint, without acquiring into specifics. And we’ll check out what today brings, kinda exactly how things progress. Simply be all set to rock on Sunday and also see how things go.”

Meanwhile, head coach Matt Rhule said it"s "probably not really likely" Newton even suits increase in week 10 and also that it"s "more reality to shoot for following week."

With Sam Darnold sidelined because that at least 4 weeks because of a appropriate shoulder fracture, P.J. Pedestrian is expected to obtain the start for the 4-5 Panthers in Arizona. Walker, 26, has one NFL begin under his belt, leading Carolina previous the Detroit Lions in November 2020. The Panthers additionally signed veteran signal caller Matt Barkley previously this week prior to bringing back Newton.

NFL Network"s Ian Rapoport reported on Sunday morning the Newton is supposed to it is in active, however that doesn"t necessarily median he will certainly play.

#Panthers QB video camer Newton is meant to it is in active, resource said. He still might not play. However maybe in a parcel of plays...

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— Ian Rapoport (
RapSheet) November 14, 2021

It"s a quick turnaround, yet perhaps we might see Newton included with a little package of dram on Sunday. If not, the next foe on Carolina"s schedule is Newton"s ex-head coach, Ron Rivera, and the Washington football Team in week 11.