Much is known about his earliest child Bryce, however the same probably cannot be claimed for Ron’s three various other talented children. Below is whatever to know about the director’s children.

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Bryce Dallas Howard




Bryce Dallas Howard, who is not Jessica Chastain, is Ron and Cheryl’s oldest child. While she absolutely needs no introduction, here’s a short one anyway: born in march 1981 in Los Angeles, Bryce is a famous actress and director, having actually starred in movies like The Help, Rocketman, and the Jurassic World franchise. Recently, she forayed into the civilization of directing, working on a few episodes of the struggle Disney+ collection The Mandalorian. The star is married to gibbs Seth Gabel; together, castle share kids Beatrice Jean, 9, and Theodore Norman, 14.

While speak to film movie critic Peter Travers around Jurassic World in 2015, Bryce revealed a little mystery about her (and her siblings’) names: Ron gave each of his children middle names influenced by where they were conceived. In Bryce’s case, the gold Globe nominated actress was conceived in the city of Dallas in Texas. “The dominance was it’s wherever we were conceived,” Bryce called the film critic, laughing. “It’s for this reason disgusting!” for her pair sisters Paige and also Jocelyn, it was the Carlyle hotel in brand-new York City, i m sorry brings us to the next set of Howard children…

Paige Howard

Ron Howard through daughter Paige (Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/Shutterstock)

Paige — middle name Carlyle — Howard is one half of Ron and Cheryl’s twin daughters. Born in February 1985 in Los Angeles, Paige adheres to in her famous father and also older sister’s footsteps together an actress. The NYC Tisch college Of The arts alum has showed up in movies like Adventureland and The Employer, and TV series like Medium, Arrested Development, stalkTALK, and also The Astronauts. Paige is engaged to Tim Abou-Nasr, one actor and musician. The two have actually been with each other for around three years. In an Instagram short article from might 2020, Paige revealed that their wedding had been postponed in irradiate of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic — yet did not seem as well bummed about it, composing that she was “grateful” for her fiancé.

“Tim and I placed a many thought and also energy right into planning our wedding, and although we had to postpone, that made us think —- what if we placed the same amount of power into preparing because that our marriage as we have actually our wedding day!” Paige reflect in the caption. “We room so thankful to be quarantined together, to have an additional year the engagement to look front to, and most of all- to have actually so plenty of amazing people in our lives to walk hand in hand with!”

Jocelyn Howard

Ron Howard and wife Cheryl with their Jocelyn, Bryce Dallas, Reed, and also Paige (Featureflash photograph Agency/Shutterstock)

Jocelyn Carlyle Howard is Paige’s twin sister. Born in February 1985 in Los Angeles like her sister, not much is known around Jocelyn because, uneven her renowned father and siblings, she does not have actually a career in Hollywood. Per she IMDb page, she showed up in one episode of Arrested Development in 2018. She has, however, do a couple of public appearances v her family, including her father’s Hollywood go of call star ceremony in December 2015, as viewed in the family picture above. The director was awarded his second star to honor his directing career.

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Jocelyn walk not show up to it is in on social media favor her siblings, however Ron did share a rare picture of she alongside Paige top top Instagram in September 2019 native a weekend soccer game. “Hanging out with my beautiful exorbitant smart sort fraternal pair daughters
paigecarlylehoward and also Jocelyn at among our grandkids soccer video game this weekend,” he proud captioned the post. “They’ve always cracked me up and made me smile. They make me proud, too.”

Reed Howard

Ron Howard with boy Reed (SplashNews)

Last but not least, Reed cross Howard is Ron and also Cheryl’s only son and youngest child. Born in April 1987 in Los Angeles, Reed is a experienced golfer and also YouTuber, sharing golf-related videos ~ above his main channel titled Reed Howard Golf. Together for his middle name and where he to be conceived, Bryce called Peter in her 2015 interview the Cross refers to the street in London the the Howard family used come live. (As she hilariously explained, “That to be our roadway where our house was. My dad would certainly make this joke, ‘I didn’t desire to contact him ago of the Volvo!’ No, protect against it!”) Reed and also his wife Ashley re-publishing one young daughter together, Aspen Leigh.

The golfer’s Instagram is filled through golf and workout content, as well as sweet photos and also videos of his daughter Aspen. And also Ron is a proud father and grandfather. On Reed’s very an initial Father’s job in 2019, the director mutual a photograph of his boy feeding his daughter a bottle of milk and also penned a sweet caption. “Happy 1st #FathersDay