Alec Baldwin is a successful American actor who has showed up in movies like Beetlejuice, Working Girl, The Hunt because that Red October, and also The Departed. He has actually worked extensively as a voice actor and also has experience on the stage as well.

Baldwin originates from a large family of other entertainers, consisting of actors William, Stephen, and also Daniel Baldwin. Alec Baldwin also has a number of distant relatives who work in the entertainment an are — and fans can be surprised to discover that a well-known anchor because that CNN is actually a member of the Baldwin family. 

Who is Brooke Baldwin?

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Brooke Baldwin | Steven Ferdman/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Brooke Baldwin to be born in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1979. She learned at few of the an extremely best colleges in the area and ended up graduating native the college of phibìc Carolina at Chapel Hill, with focus on journalism.

After she graduation in 2001, Baldwin moved to Virginia and also began working in broadcast journalism. After ~ close to 7 years functioning at various TV stations, Baldwin discovered her niche in Atlanta.

In 2008, she join CNN and began anchoring programs because that the famous network. She functioned on numerous high-profile projects during this time, including co-anchoring the final launch of an are Shuttle Atlantis in 2011 and covering president Barack Obama’s second inauguration in January 2013.

In 2014, Baldwin relocated to brand-new York City in stimulate to seek the next phase of she career. Fortunately, her years with the network in Atlanta had prepared she well for what was to come next. 

What is Brooke Baldwin finest known for?

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In 2014, Brooke Baldwin started working the end of new York and also started becoming much better known to an ext viewers approximately the united States. End the past few years, she has continued to covering some very high-profile events, such together the 2015 Baltimore protests and also the 2017 inauguration of president Donald Trump. She has likewise worked on distinct projects, including documentary movies like To record a Serial Killer.

Still, the acclaimed news anchor is probably best known because that her work as the host of CNN Newsroom. Due to the fact that of her work on the show, Baldwin has become one that the most renowned journalists in entertainment, and although she has been the topic of some controversy over the years, she remains very successful.

In addition to her job-related on television, she is a contributing writer because that several famous publications and also regularly books speaking engagements in ~ colleges, special events, and also charity functions. On optimal of everything else, the anchor recently announced the she composed her an initial book, title Huddle: how Women Unlock Their cumulative Power

Brooke Baldwin is a far-off cousin the Alec Baldwin

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These days, Brooke Baldwin continues to work difficult as one anchor for CNN and has to be a familiar presence because that viewers every throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, share knowledge and relaying crucial statistics for she viewers. She also admitted the she combated her own battle with COVID-19 after gift diagnosed with the illness in April. Fortunately, she had the ability to recover and also return to work, report on the news together if naught had ever happened. As she later on admitted, she to be “one of the lucky ones.”

Although Brooke Baldwin has operated hard because that every little bit of her success, she also has a little bit of a foot up in the entertain industry. While it is unlikely that she has actually ever dubbed in any kind of favors from her relatives, Baldwin is in reality a remote cousin of the well known actor Alec Baldwin. The is no known exactly how close the two Baldwins are, however it is certain that Baldwin family reunions room wildly entertaining.