There"s nothing favor flipping through the networks late in ~ night and also catching a joyful rerun that Storage Wars. Although fans of the present have grown to love the savage entrepreneurs, specifically the ever-so-relatable couple of Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz, the pair has actually sadly gone their separate ways. In fact, the pair broke up at some point in 2018, which was revealed through Brandi during a facebook Live interview in June 2020 (via TV present Ace). Till then, the 2 were maybe to store their split under wraps, probably since filing for divorce, which typically acts as a notice to the media, wasn"t necessary. The exes were never married, you see, return they walk share a business and welcome two kids together.

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Nowadays, Brandi defines herself as a single mom v a many on she plate, revealing both the her children struggle with clinical issues. As for Jarrod, it looks like he collection his sights on cultivating his bar, however he"s been silent on society media because June 2020. Here"s what else us know about the split.

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As Storage Wars" resident couple who love to dislike each other, it appears Brandi Passante and also Jarrod Schultz"s bickering could not have actually been as playful together we thought and that few of the tension continued when the cameras weren"t rolling. Fans of the display will remember Brandi"s frequent eye rolls at Jarrod, specifically if that bought a storage locker castle didn"t agree on. She was also frequently seen giving the sigh the a married mrs whose husband left the toilet chair up — again. While we chalked up their stress to marital antics, that looks like Brandi really was over her consistent disagreements with Jarrod.

Since Jarrod and also Brandi room pretty private, considering they controlled to conceal your breakup from us for 2 years, it"s unclear precisely what went wrong between them and also how it every went down, per TV display Ace. Regardless of what can have transpired in between Brandi and Jarrod, it looks like the single mom is life her best life. She often articles photos from good times and also shares an sometimes selfie mirroring off her signature soft smile. Although us loved Brandi and also Jarrod as a couple, we assume their break-up was because that the best.

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Since Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz walk their separate ways, Jarrod relocated on to girlfriend Rochel Beckman. He very first shared the news of his relationship in January 2020 by posting a photo of the two on Facebook. Indigenous a look in ~ Rochel"s facebook page, castle still appear to it is in going strong.

As for Brandi, she opened up about her love life during a YouTube interview v "Spirit Talk" in February 2021. Revealing she isn"t see anyone "in particular," she claimed she"s "just going v the flow right now." She seemingly referenced the consequences of her split, stating, "I to be describing that as kind of emotionally dead inside, girlfriend know? sort of do the efforts to uncover my place." Adding, "My therapist was, like, "Stop calling it emotionally dead inside, you"re just closed off, girlfriend know, because that a small bit. But, it"ll come ago to you.""

Discussing her change from duo come solo, she admitted, "I wasn"t really enabled to have actually an identity for many, plenty of years. And also so this last couple of year I"m type of coming right into my own and also figuring out that I am. I simply don"t have an attachment to anyone." back she at this time has her guard up, she stated she has tested the waters. "I definitely dated and things choose that," she shared. "Right currently it"s no a big, um — it"s no something I"m yes, really trying hard to seek out. I"m waiting until I deserve to feel an attachment to someone."