Brown sat under on Wednesday's illustration of "Red Table Talk" come talk around the recent loss of his son, Bobby Brown Jr.

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Bobby Brown is opening up top top the recent episode of "Red Table Talk" on on facebook Watch about the drug-related deaths that his children and also Whitney Houston.

In the episode, Brown, 52, satellite down with Jada Pinkett Smith, pasture Smith and also Adrienne Banfield-Norris to talk about the current loss of his son, Bobby Brown Jr.

The 27-year-old, who he mutual with Kim Ward, passed away of an inadvertently overdose of cocaine, fentanyl and alcohol in November 2020.

"Losing (my son) to be very, an extremely unexpected, just like losing mine daughter," Brown said, introduce to his daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown, who passed away in 2015. "We were just in the studio two nights before. It was something the hit me really, really hard. He was a musician, play piano, played drums, he was a an excellent writer. He was a teacher and also learner. That learned from everybody the he to be around and he taught just as much as that learned."

"He to be someone the I just admired him as a young man and also how he grew up. He simply wanted to be a component of something that was walk to be special. His smile, as soon as he smiled, he just brightened up a room."

Bobby Brown Jr. And also Bobby Brown attend the premiere screening the "The Bobby Brown Story" in ~ Paramount Theatre top top Aug. 29, 2018 in Hollywood.Phillip Faraone / WireImage

On his son"s noticeable drug use, Brown clarified, "He wasn"t a user."

"He would experiment with various things," that added. "It wasn"t choose he was dependent on drugs like once I was in my situation. I depended. I necessary it. He was a young male that do the efforts the not correct stuff, and also it took him out of here.”

According to the national Institute of medicine Abuse, fentanyl is a an effective synthetic opioid, and is among "the most typical drugs associated in drug overdose deaths in the united States."

On young human being who might be exploring with building material "to gain as high together they deserve to possibly get," Brown described these actions room "a actual problem due to the fact that they don"t recognize what this drugs are being mixed with these days."

On the marketing of fabricated drugs, blacksmith said, "And there have actually been so countless deaths particularly with fentanyl. It’s simply skyrocketed. My generation is type of spiraling.”

“There"s murderers out there right now that are creating these synthetic drugs that room killing these kids," Brown replied. "It"s choose they"re committing murder. It"s homicide.”

"I"m keeping my fingers and toes crossed (that) they find the people and also get these drugs turn off the street, however my babies room gone," that said. "I"ve been v my time and I recognize that mine time play a component in my child feeling he could test something. Girlfriend know? and I feeling guilty around that.”

Whitney Houston performing on stage at Wembley Arena in London ~ above September 3, 1991.Ian Dickson / Redferns

Brown likewise reflected top top his tumultuous connection with Houston. The two were married indigenous 1992 come 2007. Houston died tragically in 2012. The official cause of her fatality was drowning and also "effects the atherosclerotic heart an illness and cocaine use," according to a report released by the L.A. County room of the Coroner.

“You and also Whitney had actually an abusive, volatile relationship," Pinkett Smith stated to him, come which he responded, “The violence the we occurs was utilizing (drugs), girlfriend know? That"s violence in itself."

He added, “You know, that"s abuse. We abused drugs and alcohol. We battled hard verbally and also we loved even harder.”

Bobbi Kristina Brown at she mother's concert in Milan on might 3, 2010.Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty Images

Similar to her mother, Bobbi Kristina was found unresponsive in a bathtub. A clinical examiner revealed that she died as a an outcome of her face being immersed in water, together with drug intoxication. She to be 22.

“It to be rough, and it still is rough. Ns think around it every day,” he claimed of shedding Houston and Bobbi Kristina. “(The pain is) thrust down. I’m maintaining it away from me as much as feasible because ns couldn’t perform nothing then and I can’t carry out anything now.”

"Going to jail is what got me completely clean off of narcotics," that said. "That to be something the – I"ve never ever thought i would invest a work in jail, and also I visited jail for a DUI.”

Brown says he did 60 job in prison and that "it felt like an eternity.”

He made decision to obtain sober native alcohol when he establish he started shedding bodily function and needed alcohol just to wake up.

"My body began shutting down since I was drinking the much. Mine body just was providing out ~ above me," he said. "Even through alcohol, I obtained to a suggest where I required it. I wasn"t acquiring drunk anymore. Ns wasn"t getting a little tipsy anymore. I required it to wake up. I necessary it to prevent the shakes and to function on a day-to-day basis.”, Brown swears by 12-step program to help people through their recoveries. Currently the dad to 3 young youngsters with mam Alicia Etheredge, that joined him throughout Wednesday"s episode of Red Table Talk, Brown really hopes to set a much better example now that that has another chance at fatherhood.

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"If i don"t break this cycle, that is?" he asked.



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