The finish of an era! Bob Saget is opening around the emotional experience he’s had saying goodbye come Danny Tanner because that good.

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“I was crying anywhere the place,” the stand-up comedian, 63, told Us Weekly exclusively on Tuesday, December 11, in ~ Cool Comedy – warm Cuisine benefiting the Scleroderma study Foundation. “It brought ago a the majority of memories because that me.”

Not only has Saget showed up on Fuller house for five seasons, however he showed up on the Netflix spinoff’s predecessor, Full House, native 1987 come 1995. In reflecting on the differences he feeling bidding farewell to both series, Saget admitted the the finish of the initial ABC collection took him and the actors by surprise, since the network pulled the popular display without front notice.


Bob Saget attends the ‘Shameless’ FYC event at Linwood Dunn theatre on march 6, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. Michael Buckner/Variety/Shutterstock

“At the finish of Full House, I just kind of remained by myself. We had actually no warning that us were walking to be canceled,” the shared. “We to be asked to walk to the WB or CW and John <Stamos> and I said, ‘No, let’s not execute that. We need to be top top ABC, if we need to do it.’”

Saget revealed the “everyone to be prepared” for the Netflix spinoff to conclude after its 5th season, since the streaming huge did “a really nice job” of informing the cast and crew. However being in the understand didn’t do saying goodbye any easier, together the actor reflected on his bond through his TV daughters Candace Cameron Bure (D.J. Tanner) and also Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie Tanner). He also recalled “holding” the duo as soon as they to be young girls.

“We’ve stayed friends all these years. The not just a press thing that we say,” he continued, addressing his offscreen partnership with Bure, 43, and Sweetin, 37, who also star with Andrea Barber (Kimmy Gibbler). “To check out them so accomplished and see 3 empowered women perform a comedy youngsters show with principles lessons — it had actually those elements in the initial series. Ns was an ext emotional around seeing them and also being v them. It’s not the same show it provided to be, but it can’t be.”


Saget added that having actually the an initial chunk that season 5’s episodes released top top December 6 and the remaining fifty percent dropping sometime in 2020 will certainly be “a nice closure” because that fans. “It has a yes, really nice goodbye and also I to be very, an extremely verklempt,” the said.

In July, Bure said Us exclusively that she had “already prepared for the wrap” but wished that it to be “not our last season.” She revealed the fans deserve to expect to see “some stunner stuff” in the last couple of episodes the season 5. However, she additionally promised that closure will be had.

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“It’s simply going come wrap up and also tie up loose ends through all the various relationships and also characters,” she claimed at the time. “I think the audience will be yes, really happy to feel part closure in ~ the end of this season v where anyone is at.”

On Tuesday, the Scleroderma study Foundation’s event — i m sorry Saget produced and hosted — raised $920,000 to help beat Scleroderma, a chronic illness that greatly affects women in between the ages 20 and also 50. “We’ve do so much progress,” Saget said. “Since you’ve interviewed me critical year, this year has been one incredibly far-ranging year. We have actually amazing research. We’ve made stunner progress. Castle finding points that they’ve never discovered before. It is an orphan disease and we want to obliterate this disease.”

The an initial half of Fuller House’s fifth and also final season is at this time streaming ~ above Netflix, and the continuing to be episodes will certainly premiere next year.