As the reaches his 80th date of birth on Monday, we've made decision to ignore the advice the the renowned Dylan documentary Don't Look earlier and memory the life and career the the us singer-songwriter.

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Be warned though prior to we acquire started, this perform is about as long and exhaustive as several of the verses ~ above his last album...


1. Bob Dylan is not his given birth name. However you currently knew that, right? So here are 79 an ext facts around the artist previously known together Robert Allen Zimmerman.

3. Despite his success and social impact, Dylan has never had a number one single in the UK or US. For context, mr Blobby, stunner Frog and also Las Ketchup have all topped the charts.

4. A poll of musicians, writers and academics, conducted on Dylan's 70th birthday, uncovered his finest song to it is in 1965's favor a rojo Stone, i beg your pardon the singer when said to be his many honest and direct work. "After that ns wasn't interested in composing a novel or a play," that said. "I knew I wanted to write songs due to the fact that it was just a whole brand-new category."

5. Bruce Springsteen stated the track, through its opening snare kick, sounded favor "somebody kicked open up the door to your mind". While another high-profile fan, U2's Bono, referred to as it "a black eye the a popular music song".

6. when asked what his songs to be about, in a 1966 interview with Playboy magazine, Dylan quipped: "Some are about four minutes, part are around five, and some, think it or not, are around eleven or twelve."

7. how amazing to many, the counterculture icon did not play in ~ the 1969 wood storm festival. Dylan was a Woodstock resident at the moment (the festival to be actually about 40 miles away) yet he acquired a much better offer - £35,000 to headline the Isle of Wight festival instead, v members of The rolling Stones and also The Beatles the town hall on.

8. Speak of The Fab Four... Dylan to be the very first man to introduce the band to marijuana, sir Paul McCartney recently revealed come Uncut. 'We all ran right into the backroom going, 'Give us a bit!'" stated Sir Macca. "So the was the very first evening we ever before got stoned!"

9. Plenty of of his song are an ext familiar to mainstream audiences as cover versions. For instance Adele's version of make You feeling My Love, The Byrds' mr Tambourine Man and also All along The Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix. "He play the means I would have actually done lock if i was him," he stated of the late guitarist. Dylan himself has actually recorded consists of candid Sinatra and also Paul Simon tunes.

10. Malibu residents Dylan has actually 17 houses across the US and also rest that the human being according to biographer Howard Sounes. Among them is reportedly in the Scottish Highlands.

11. The troubadour has won 10 Grammy awards, including three because that his 1997 album Time the end of Mind, which plenty of critics taken into consideration to it is in a actual return to form after a long creative slump. He became ill with a major infection roughly his love in-between recording and also releasing the LP.


13. country singer Hank Williams, and bluesmen Muddy Waters and also John Lee Hooker were among his music heroes cultivation up, together with the king of absent 'n' roll Elvis Presley. The Rebel without a cause James Dean was his celluloid hero.

15. together a youngster he played piano and guitar in number of summer camp/high college bands. Your names had The Jokers, The zero Blasters, The gold Chords and also (our personal favourite) The rock Boppers.

17. Working as busboy in a Fargo restaurant, ~ finishing high school, continues to be the just normal project Dylan has ever before done. However in another life he'd prefer to have actually been a soldier. In his 2004 memoir Chronicles he composed he'd constantly pictured self "dying in part heroic battle rather 보다 a bed".

18. After moving to Minneapolis to research he rotate his fist to people music, swapping his electrical guitar for an acoustic, i m sorry he play in cafes approximately the city's bohemian Dinkytown area.

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19. He came to be totally enchanted by US folk singers like Odetta and Woody Guthrie, that he would later on visit in a psychiatric hospital in brand-new Jersey and also play his own songs come him.

20. His first original ingredient of any note was called Song for Woody, and he even started to sing and also talk like the Oklahoma singer.